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Usually I can catch a break from the work roller coaster at home. ...or the home roller coaster at work. The last two weeks have proven the exception to that: Shelley and I have very full plates and my work is simply something that has to be survived.

The cool thing about the work site is that once we figure out who's turn it is to be in the pressure cooker, everyone else tries their best to back off and let them be. This includes the general manager. ...who is constantly in the overload zone himself lately. I have things on my desk that are darned important to some people; and in every case, they are cutting me all the slack they can. ...and when they can't wait any longer, they are asking very politely. Well, that could be because of my attitude: you shouldn't even talk to rabid bears <g>.

At home, the overload continues: normal business, carpet in the front this week, sports, and the realization that the homework project's insanity is simply to decorate a teacher's room for open house... We've discussed alternatives; but very simply: our son's grade is being held hostage for our good behavior. Shelley and I will both be posting on the one paper once it is finished. ...and likely to a forum that facilitates discussion and commentary that has most graciously been offered to us.

But for now, Shelley is still not posting as her focus is on her portion of the project. ...and I'll continue to handle our daily family posting for both of us here on this portion of my site. ...and the tidbits will still show up on the blog.

Have a good Monday!


Well now, let's see if we can continue the insanity... Monday I was expecting a sales type to show up at our place with paperwork I need for my Wednesday DMV excursion. ...and he called and said it had shown up back at the factory and did I need it before Friday. Ummm. Yes, as a matter of fact. ...on Tuesday, since my Wednesday appointment is in the morning. ...early morning.

...and Klez is still gaining on people: I had a reader contact me to confirm the behavior since he'd received one, apparently from his wife's machine, with the subject of "darling". Sweet. ...and guess which file got piggy-backed along? The TSadbot phone home stealthware. ...which of course led him to me (for the record: there is no connection: they are slime; I am a nice guy). So I dialed him in as best I could about Klez and sent him over to Ad-Aware to take care of "ET" and his friends...

I wonder what adventures today will bring???

Remembering 09/11/01


Now what do I do with myself??? I gave up on all things cyber and headed off to bed early (for me) last night and curled up with a book a friend had sent me as background for a writing project. ...and then fell asleep after only a short read.

...and today is carpet day; the only cure for that was to clear out of the house as early as possible. ...but that was easy: my blessing and curse is that I'll wake up about five and a half hours after I go to sleep. Early to sleep; early to rise. a house full of sleeping people. Ah, well...

Speaking of wellness, today is Marcia's (Brian's wife) surgery for her knee. When you have a spare moment (heck, why not take one right now), how about a prayer for her safety and the surgeon's skill? ...and if the time zone thing is working against you, I think a prayer for a quick recovery would be most helpful...

Good luck, girl...


Hokay! The carpet's in! ...and she did fine job of picking it out. Combined with the new paint, the front of the house looks to have about 20% more square footage. ...or it will until the boys start bring out the Legos and the army men and the cars and the games and the castle men and the, well you get the drift.

I remember telling someone after church one day that we were going to go home and make Lego-angels on the living room floor. He commented that he didn't realize Lego made angels, and I had to correct him with, "No Tony, Lego angels. You make them just like snow angels: you lay down on the floor and move your arms and legs!" He knew I wasn't kidding, but he still was appalled at the visual. is Shelley most days when that stuff spills out of their room.

...and it's back to the grind. Only two more days until the weekend and the rest of the homework from hell <g>.

Catch you later...


I'm glad to put this week behind. Yeah, a late post and not much of one at that... But I have some work to do on another site and some archiving to do on the blog. ...and Part II of Homework Weekend from Hell to partake in with Shelley.

So that's it for Friday...


Well now, how about a weekend for a change? Well, maybe not; Shelley is currently finishing her portion of the State Report from Hell, and I'm on deck. ...and will be working on it for the next six hours or so!

...but I got up at a reasonable hour considering how late I was up and decided to just hit the streets before breakfast. ...but with some carbs and proteins on board after the advice from a friend. Wow. ...decent skate for a morning. It didn't hurt that the winds were reversed... Yeah, I was going into them on the first leg; but on that long run where I usually fight them, it was sheer relaxation. ...enough that I was actually powering on the uphill section around that corner.

...but my time here is winding to an end and I need to go work on Daniel's report.


We're going to try to put a stake through this blasted state report of Daniel's this afternoon... We're off soon to visit Shelley's mother's gravesite; and then later, my mom's for dinner (pick up Chinese, since you asked <g>). Between the two, I'm going to print new galleys and paste them into the master layout. I stripped in the headlines last night. ...and the general layout worked well enough to let me know I have enough graphical content to let the copy drive the layout rather than being the fill ('cause it's easier to resize graphics than try to cut content when the project is being graded with a checklist).

...and if that is giving anyone out there flashbacks: yes, we're doing full blown paste-up with dummies. This project is so far beyond the skillset of a fifth-grader it cannot be believed. Coupled with the most internally inconsistent set of instructions I've ever seen, it is a nearly impossible task. Essentially, Daniel is not doing it, we are. Shelley is the chief researcher and reporter; I'm acting as the editor and layout person. We're turning out a good product, but the stupidity behind it is overwhelming at times. Sixteen hours for Shelley so far, eight for me. with more today and Tuesday...

Can you say "done"?

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