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Once more into the fray... No, we're not done with the blasted report. ...and yes, we still have to do the log cabin to decorate the teacher's room for open house. ...and yes, I'm still bitter about it all. ...and, no, Shelley and I are making it all work out. Sheesh.

...and maybe we'll get it all done and can have our weekends back. Ya' think? Just like maybe I can get caught up at work this week? Not. ...although I don't think I have to deal with the DMV this week. ..and there should be a Costco day in there somewhere. Today? Nah, I don't think I could be that lucky...

So, onward, ever onward. ...with short posts here and the craziness on the blog. Oh, yes, I do realize I owe an email here and there, including an interesting tech question from yesterday. I'll try to get back to you within a day or two.

Happy Monday...


Almost done with the blasted thing... Man, sometimes we get so focused on this project that things just go out the window. By semi-popular request (someone asked <g>), I stuck up a quick and dirty scan of the assignment: page 1, page 2. Not too unreasonable. ...until you catch on to the fact that this little gem is assigned to a fifth grade class. That's ten and eleven year-olds. ...and please note this is in addition to normal class work and homework. Oh, and it's concurrent with the 'haunted house' (Log cabin) project. The class room has two computers.

...and each 'page' of the "special paper" is 12 inches by 18 inches. Our mockups are here: Front page, inside fold, back page. Obviously something a fifth grader can knock out over a few nights.

...and don't get me started on the inconsistencies in the directions, like having to provide a picture of the state nickname. ...or the mis-use of language: if one were to commit the sin of using a copier company's name as a verb, the correct tense would be "Xeroxed"!

...and tense is us right now.

Remembering 09/11/01


Well, today was a full one with a Costco run, a homework review to go over what hadn't been taught but was expected to be understood (yes, sarcasm) and a concert at the boys' school.

Hey, the concert was actually kind of fun. ...other than not having any air conditioning in ninety degree heat. ...and the string groups were excruciating, but mostly because of their small sizes. Still, they obviously had improved since the Christmas show.

Now, the two bands (beginning and advanced) had their acts together! Much improved! We were actually able to enjoy that part of the show. ...and the concert choir? The one that enters competitions? Whooeeee! She had them dialed! The principal had come on earlier to announce they'd received a "Superior" rating in Monday's competition. ...and they showed us why they got it.

Way cool...


Downhill from here. Janeen and I decided a few weeks back that the key to the week was Thursday afternoon: make it until quitting time and we could put up with anything on Friday. I hope that holds tomorrow. It's been a week and I would like a break... Unfortunately, that break won't be happening right away as we have a full schedule starting tomorrow evening...

In the good news department, those new blades I bought a while back have proven themselves to be real winners. I've been getting an excellent ride from them and tonight gave me a good test: tired from a long day, I forced myself out since I can't blade Friday. ...and into heavy winds. Once again, I could relax on the tailwinds and push as hard as I liked against the headwinds. Good enough. ...and the geometry of this series fits my legs and abs better: I can stand pretty much full upright and relax as I cruise along; that's ideal for distance work.

Catch you later...


Here we go! One more work day until I can relax! Not. Tonight Shelley and I have to manage to work a booth at the school carnival and handle a baseball game with overlapping times. Which means Daniel and I can't work on his House of Death (log cabin) project until Saturday. ...and we can't work on that in the evening because I scored arena football tickets for Saturday night. So sad <g>. I've never been to one; they're supposed to be high energy. I do hope Shelley survives...

I'll let you know tomorrow!


...and a late start to pioneer days today. I was up later than planned archiving emails and working on one or two site submissions. ...and I woke to find Brad just lost in space: Shelley was off to handle a soccer booth and none of his friends could play yet. ...and Brad's not one to watch the tube when there are Things To Do (so much like his mom).

...and the one who would watch TV while the world ended? He was still asleep! Yep. Granted, he was down a little late, but he didn't show any signs of life until nearly 1000. Uh-oh...

The good news on maturity, if that's what is happening, is that he got Brad several things from the school carnival last night while we were at the baseball game. That was really cool. ...especially since Brad really didn't get to spend any time at the carnival; his game didn't get over until after 2000, and by then things were shut down. ...but he came home to some candy and some toys from his big brother! Maybe there is hope!

So. Breakfast for the two late risers followed by the next portion of the "Let's have the Parent's Decorate my Classroom for Open House" project (oh yeah, the State Report was turned in yesterday: the teacher was absent). I had a friend suggest some crafty ideas; so we're starting with a log cabin toy reminiscent of Lincoln Logs and adding some frills to fill out the requirements. It means another weekend lost to homework, but it also puts us that much closer to 'done' for this year...

...and tonight, we're actually going to do a family thing! There's now a local arena football team (well, AF2; the AAA equivalent, if I understand things correctly) and we have tickets courtesy of the job! So, we're off this evening to see what all the fuss is about. Brad went with a friend last weekend and had a great time. ...and didn't get home until 2300! Whoo... That's going to be way late for both Brad and Shelley, although Daniel and I should be fine <g>.

I'll let you know how it goes!


Ah, the weekend... A time of relaxation and rest... Who the heck said that??? Well, they were dead wrong for Central Cal in the late spring. Housework, homework, yardwork, change the partridge's cage! Sheesh...

I pulled a morning blade (yep, I'll answer that email in a post, David!) once I figured what planet I was on. ...and even though I wasn't really awake enough to think clearly, I'm sure glad I went out. It's supposed to rain like heck tomorrow, Texas thunderstorms and all! ...and if I'd have shined today, that would have put me behind on the 'keep Dan alive long enough to help Shelley raise the kids' plan.

As it was, the weather is already changing ahead of the storm; the air was so cool and clear this morning, I could tell which houses were using which brand of anti-static sheets in their clothes dryers. ...and it's cooler! I doubt we'll reach 80F here today; last week we were in the nineties, the week before in the seventies. ...and my poor flowers are just sooo confused.

Football last night was also cool. I may post a pic or two at some point. ...and it was just plain wild at times: referees getting high fives from fans, the chain gang running more than the players, cheerleaders who really need to do situps, and just plain insanity with the music. We had a good time and the local team won, so all was well.

...and that's it from here today. It's time for breakfast and the last leg of the Great Log Cabin Journey. ....and I want that thing done! There's stuff I need to do for people, at least two posts for the blog in my head, and there's something else in there trying to crawl out into the light <g>.

Let's see how it goes...

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