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While I was out blading this morning, I couldn't help but notice all the people out tending to their gardens... It seems like this three-day weekend reminds people about places with green, growing things. Perhaps they are looking forward to a restful place to relax at the end of their busy days.

We should also remember other places of rest on this Memorial Day, 2002...


Hey, check this out: there's only four days left until the weekend! How cool is that? ...other than having to deal with the Monday stuff on a Tuesday. ...and I'm betting I need to make a Costco run. ...and a DMV run. ...and it's going to hit 100F by Thursday. Wait... That means the pool could warm up enough for adults (kids seem to have different rules <g>).

Speaking of kidlets: there's only two more weeks of school for us! Yeah! That means maybe a cutback on homework? Not likely... I do have hope though. Just like I have hopes of getting to the to-do lists at work and home.

Let's see how it goes...

Remembering 09/11/01


What can I say? I started the day at the DMV; managed to deal with events there in a timely enough fashion to segue into a Costco run a little later; and returned to the office to what has become an all too usual 'crisis of the day' <g>...

But all in all, I can't knock the day. Things went well in the morning other than the heat hitting a bit early; and the afternoon's crisis only took four phone calls to start the corrective steps in motion. I'll have some follow-up, but things should work out okay.

...and that's not bad for a 'short week'. I have a major one to knock out on Thursday so the auditor can do his cross-checking on Friday. ...and there's an order or two that simply have to be taken care of (my smoke detector went off twice today <g>). ...and then there's the end of the week routine that needs to be handled. But all in all, I think I'll give the day a good grade...

In the background, Soak up the Sun, Sheryl Crow...


Just two little sighposts on the highway of life for you this morning:

"I'll be so darned happy when school is out for the summer!", Shelley Bowman, Forever the Optimist

Red Hat released 7.3 on May 6, 2002. Today, I found it on the shelf at Office Depot.

Personally, I have to consider that as two of the seals being broken...


Friday... Wow. We made it! We have the auditor coming in second thing this morning (the first is Janeen getting her Starbucks fix!). ...and Wedesday's Mission Impossible seems to be under what control I can rassle it to. ...and the other killer thing is done. ...which leaves only about a normal week's worth of work on my desk. Sheesh...

Of note: the hot weather is here. It was 101F when I got home yesterday. I gave it an hour to cool down to 100 before I went out to blade <g>. ...and before you get too bothered by that: I over-hydrate prior and refill afterward. ...and last night I hit the pool when I got back. Actually, it hit me: that water was cold! ...but it took care of any overheating I may have had going on.

...and in reality, I don't have that much of a problem with that; for the most part I shift my workload to match the ambient temperature. ...and even when I'm working out on the slow side, I'm still generating a 10mph breeze to help cool me off. It's actually worse when I stop and get out of my blades; that's when the air movement stops and I start to feel warm.

Okay, on with this day!


Oh, I've been up for a bit <g>. I didn't pull an all-nighter as I'd planned; I stayed up for a time handling some give and take email with a few friends. ...and then I just packed it in. I'd had a long short week. ...and Friday had turned into an unexpectedly mellow day. ...and I just didn't feel like pushing it too far. So off to bed...

...and up a tad early. Right around eight. Shelley had a soccer camp to go to at nine and I really hadn't planned out anything for the morning, especially after the storm last night. ...but when Shelley asked if I was going to go skating before she left, I had to at least think about it. After all, we're likely going to hit near the century mark again today (good grief, it was 75 already) and the humidity will be a killer after the rain! So off I went to see what I could see. ...on the road less than thirty minutes after hauling myself out of bed. Sheesh...

Things went well though; I didn't push it at all and mostly kept myself in the fat-burning range rather than the cardio range. Well, except for that one stretch where I just couldn't resist <g>! ...and back home for breakfast and some yard and pool work. ...and I think it's time to pull out the older Palm Pilot and start making the outside work list.

Catch you later...


...and a forced day of rest! We have a social engagement this afternoon (no, don't even go there with me!) that, coupled with the church gig in the morning, should leave me enough time to cook breakfast early in the day and take the trash out late in the day...

...but that's not to say the weekend hasn't been productive! Whooeee. Saturday was a very full day for all of us. Shelley managed two store runs after her soccer clinic and I managed to get all sorts of inside and outside work done. ...and knocked off a nap by the pool in the afternoon!

I also changed out the wheels and bearings on my blades; and somehow, after heading out on just a simple test run, I ended pulling a complete second run for the day! ...and came home to find I had some work to do: It seems our worker bee had finally saved up enough for his half of the bargain; I had a bike to put together! ...and it was a nice chance to do some work with one of the boys.

Have a pleasant Sunday...

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