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Here we go with a fresh start to a fresh week! least until I get into the office and run up against all the unfinished business from last week <g>! No matter, it'll get done at some point. It would be easier if certain selected staffers went on vacation for a week or two; but heck, I guess I'll just hope for that one!

...and it's a full week also. I have another DMV run Tuesday, a Costco run, and at least one other extrended run out. ...and all the usual stuff. But Janeen's back today, so that will let me break out a little....although she and I have a project to line out for her to help keep her sanity!

Speaking of sanity: school's out for the summer! ...and believe it or not, Shelley is pleased about that for a change! Let's see how long that lasts <g>... Then again, some of it seems to be getting better as the boys get older.

Hey, let's see what happens!


An eventful day yesterday. Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime... For now, I'm regrouping and heading off to the DMV.

Have a good one...

Remembering 09/11/01


Well, heck... I'm playing catchup again and I just don't like that at all. I fell behind on Monday and really didn't recover well on Tuesday at all. True, part of that had to do with a DMV appointment and the Grand Sorting out of some confusion later with Fleet Services, but some things Just Didn't Happen...

...and today was no better. Granted, the CostCo run was an unscheduled one... And other things were accomplished; but darn, I wanted to be further ahead by mid-week! Ah well. At least some big ones got chunked out. I do have a mid-morning appointment that will take me away from the office once again Thursday morning; but the nice thing about school being out is that my afternoon and evening schedules are no longer being dictated by homework and baseball games...

Yeah. Tonight I had a chance to come home and relax a bit before doing anything. ...and anything turned out to be blading, sprinkler fixing, pool time, dinner, pool time and finally some web time. Definitely cool!

So let's see how Thursday goes...

Thursday interesting day in corporate hell. ...but I found Janeen's clone at a local firm: her boss is not available; she is literally minutes back from vacation; and 3 minutes after she opens the office, she gets a call from the likes of me! ...and a me on a mission to bail out a swamp.

Heh. The poor dear... But this is what makes for great business relationships. ...and by the end of the day, she has a decent order, a new customer and a potential for some future business. ...and in the meantime has pointed out a problem with the specs provided to me and dealt with her corporate in setting up a credit line on no notice. ...and has a check in hand for the full amount! ...including expedited shipping, because it turns out this a special order item due to the spec problem that the specee missed when he speced the spec.

There's a woodchuck joke in there somewhere...


Revenge of the spammed! For the last month or so I've been saving the unsolicited faxes from every medical supply outfit that wants to sell us used equipment. It's not that I want to buy anything since most of my purchases are new stock, but I knew I had a project coming up where they might come in handy...

So today, when I finished my information sheet on the cardiac monitors we're taking out of service and getting ready to sell, I added all these wonderful people to my fax list. ...and they'll be getting another dose on Monday. No biggie for me. ...and hey, maybe I can get an additional bid or two out of it!

...and pity anyone who calls trying to sell me something!


I think I'm finally getting into summer mode! The pool is still plenty cold, but I've already started to keep one swimsuit drying on a chair while I work in another... When I get to hot, I just jump in the pool to cool off and go back to work; if I need to come inside for some reason, I change into the dry outfit. Rinse, repeat...

...and plenty to do today. We're having guests for Father's Day and there is a lot to do. Best I get to it and let you know about any craziness elsewhere.

Have a pleasant Saturday!


Okay! It's Father's Day. The meat is in the crock pots and I can head off to bed! get some sleep before the Get Ready For Company routine <g>!

'Sokay, this should be a good day here, with company coming into town for what amounts to a brunch and heading off before there's even a sunset.

You have a good one out there...

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