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...and we're off into what is supposed to be a short week for me here. Let's see how that shakes out. Friday is currently scheduled for a day trip to Bonfante Gardens in Gilroy. We had a good time there last year when we went for Shelley's birthday and I'm hoping the weather will cut us another break like it did then. I'm also hoping to redo some of the pictures I took last year; that page over in Stories needs to be updated!

So let's see how the workaday world shakes out this week...


Sheesh, if it's Tuesday, it must be the DMV. Ah well, at least that has settled into a bit of a routine... I think we're right about at the halfway mark on the fleet changeout. ...and that means it's time to order in the balance of the equipment for this batch.

Usually, we just change out the fleet; this time we're adding capacity. ...and when we add capacity, we usually do that at the start of a changeout. This time, we're doing it at the end, so Janeen and I are doing a juggling act as they rotate stock between units and hit our stock from time to time. ...but now is the time to get ready for an effective increase of nine units by the end of July. ...and that means some goodies need to be started our way now.

I guess I'd best get to it!

Remembering 09/11/01


Some nights you post. ...and some nights you just do the dishes so someone can rest. ...and then revamp their website <g>!

Forever the Optimist has a new domain with redirection, a new header and a new footer. My personal thanks to the three web divas who made all of that possible! another day bites the lunar dust!


Out to dinner last night, if you can count Home Towne Buffet as 'out' <g>. Shelley heard an ad on the radio for an "Ole Buffet"; and since it has been a full week for all of us, off we went.

Argghh! Too much food for me... It's been a while since I was there and the options were just too much. I mean, I get by on a half sandwich every few hours at work and chicken for dinner most nights <g>. My only 'big' meal may be brunch on Saturday if I work up a killer omelet for Brad and me. So last night...


I'll try the meatloaf. ..and the mashed potatoes. ...and the gravy. Umm... That fish looks good. ...and so does that style! How about a taco made my way? ...and some quesadillas? ...and I guess I'd better try the enchiladas since it is an Ole Buffet. ...and. No. that was enough for round one.

Round two was a somewhat limited repeat of the meatloaf. ..and some cherry thing for dessert. ...and man, was it a long night!

I tell you, half sandwiches sound good for today...


A precious day off. ...and off we are to see the wizard. Well, not the wizard exactly, but the results of a wizard's art with trees. I'll bring back some pictures for you <g>. ...and in the meantime, take care of each other and I'll check back in sometime on Saturday.

Following the yellow brick road...


Home. Safe. Tired <g>. More later on the blog...

Catch you Sunday!


Okay... Better after a good night's sleep in my own bed... We're back from church; breakfast is cooking over, and I'm stealing a little time here before my nap <g> to give you the overview of the trip. that we'll likely do again!

This year, instead of going up, spending the night, and hitting the park the next day, we drove up, checked in at the hotel (early check in!), hit the park, went back to the hotel, got up, had a leisurely breakfast (late check out!), hit the outlet malls, and headed home. ...but it feels like we were gone for a week!

The big question: did we have fun? Yeah. We all had a good time: the boys loved the rides and the food, Shelley liked the scenery and the rides and I took something like over 200 pictures. Yeah, we had fun. We hit the park about 1100 and didn't leave until after 2000. ...and left tired (except for the two perpetual motion machines) and ready to kick back and not move for a bit (the kids ended up with ten rollercoaster rides; five with parents and five on their own).

I'd like to have a better gauge of how many miles we walked (other than a lot) and a better idea of how many meals we ate (many more than breakfast, lunch and dinner); but I recall debating about swimming when we got back. ...and we did wipe out Shelley's snack cache then!

Yeah, we had a good time. Later tonight, I'll have a another picture or two up on the blog. ...and I'll update the main Bonfante page sometime in the next week or so ...and maybe a story or two at some point..

...from a place where even the leaves are beautiful!

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