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Twenty-five boxes yesterday evening... That's what I dug through with the same slash and burn mentality I used last week. ...and today looks to have at least that many, perhaps double, depending on what I find up in the attic when I get back from blading.

What was interesting as all get out to me was what sold on Saturday. The big items didn't necessarily move well; but the stuff that Shelley had bagged up and marked at a dollar or under just moved right along. I was amazed. I mean, a dozen light switches in a ziploc just jumped out at $1. Go figure...

Well, what I figure is that I have quite a few ziplocs full of stuff! Instead of sorting to throw out or keep, I'm sorting to throw out (totally useless/paperwork), keep (yeah, I have a use for it), or off to Shelley the Sorter (the vast majority, and at a 4:1 ratio).

...and at a 'buck a bag', I think Brad's room will be quite nice!


I think I'm going to end up sounding like a broken record this week, just more yard sale prep and not much else. Sheesh. I'm so wasted my back won't even let me sit down without locking up <g>.

We did get a bunch accomplished though. I slashed and burned another twenty boxes or so and started getting into the meat of the library. ...and Shelley processed the balance from Sunday and made a start on Monday's batch. I am getting the feeling though that we won't be done by Saturday. The only good news out of that is I think there will be enough space generated in the garage and storage to be able to clear most of the rest of the stuff out until we have a soccer bye weekend and can have another sale.

Yeah, there really is that much stuff...

Remembering 09/11/01


104 again yesterday. Sapped all the strength out of me. ...didn't even blade. Probably lots of leftovers from working too hard in it on Monday...

We'll give it another try today...


Yeah, better; thanks for asking... I went blading last night in anticipation of storms today. That may have been a bit early as I think I burnt myself up a bit more than I thought on Monday. Ah well...

I did manage to kick back a little bit after everyone went to bed. It seems Daniel's PlayStation2 (his pride and joy from scrimping and saving for the last several months and adding in his birthday monies) plays DVDs! I didn't know that! It was just something I stumbled across while reading the hookup instructions...

Costco yesterday, remember? LOTR last night <g>!


...the last day of garage sale prep. ...for round two. Yeah, we're planning on bustin' our tails today and getting everything we can processed for tomorrow. ...and then we'll see what happens in the morning.

Based on last week's holiday sale (low traffic?), we should do well. Regardless, we have a 1230 local date in front of the tube to watch the local team play up in Oregon. ...and some serious Mexican food to partake of at half-time.

After that, Shelley is done for a week or two. I'll still be gathering and 'yes/no' sorting for round three, but we're not challenging the marriage/household/sanity factor for a little while <g>. Hopefully, we'll have cleared enough raw space from storage/garage/library to be able to start shifting things around. This will also be a good time for me to try to start the machine setup for the changeover.

Time will tell...


Well, we're ready. ...or maybe I should say the boxes are ready. ...something like 90+ of them. We're beat. I'm not sure how Shelley is functioning. I know I'll be powered by Starbucks this morning 'cause nothing else legal will work. I just hope they don't think it's a hold up or something when I show up and hand them the note that has my order on it. Yeah, I wrote it our last night because I don't know if either my brain or hands will be working. ...and if they are, it'll be enough just to get the car to CaffeineLand!

Wish us luck, we would really like to clean most of those boxes out. they won't have to be carted out for Part III in a few weeks. Yeah, there's more, much more. ...but we're done for a few.

Have a good Saturday out there!


...survived another one! on hiatus for a few weeks. ...returning with a slight shift in plans.

Man, these things can beat you up! ...but we cleared a fair amount of stuff out; now it's time to take a break for the start of soccer season. ...and the change? Shelley is going to work on an 'as time available' basis rather than the deadline-based one we've used for the last two weeks. So, when she's caught up with the raw stock I generate, that's when we'll call the next one.

Today is going to turn into a 'return to normal' day, meaning the living room and kitchen and the garage are no longer dedicated to processing sale items. ...and I'm going to overview the next stage of moving things about (and generating more boxes so we can keep moving).

...and maybe just taking a deep breath.

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