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The mommie van is back in the garage; the living room is cleared out and the extra boxes are put away for the time being. Yeah, we'll do the other one or two we need to do, but we'll do them at a slower pace. Shelley will go through boxes at her leisure and I'll generate more at a slower pace...

I didn't get quite to the point I wanted to be yesterday; I may have to move some boxes or something over to storage. That's because I'm almost at the chicken and the egg spot in the story: I have stuff inthe garage that can go on shelves from the library, but they're in the space where the shelves need to go!


I'll get there; it's just a lot of work to pull off this particular bit of magic. At least now I'm in a position to maybe start on the main workbench; if I can move that outside, I can maybe start a machine rebuild or two. One step at a time though. Homework is back in the picture and that's going to have to be a priority!

Step by step...


Homework this semester just may be managable! Maybe... At least in the case of Daniel's teacher: he updates his web site every evening before he leaves school (or shortly thereafter). The old "I forgot it" trick isn't going to work this time. Not that there's a problem or anything <g>...

I ended up reading again last night. I forced myself to take a break Sunday evening and I matched it again Monday; I need the mental break from the pace of the last two weeks. I'll get back up to speed, but it will take another day or two. I did manage to get out and blade; that confirmed Sunday's 'uphill, against the wind' episode was just exhaustion once again. Last night's run was one I could have gladly kept going on if I hadn't run out of daylight.

Have a good Tuesday!

Remembering 09/11/01


Image courtesy of Alon Cohen


TV free yesterday. Well, actually, that's most days... I did enough revisiting of events as I posted here, to the blog and to the Back Porch.

I hope your day went well...


Ah, Friday the Thirteenth! ...ya' know what's to great about Friday the Thirteenths? They're Fridays!!!

Oh, heck, yes. I am sooo done with this week it's not funny. ...and tomorrow is the soccer seeding tournament, so no rest there. Why? Well, we have two kids playing three games each at two different locations over an eight hour period. Today's the day to buy stock in an oil company and maybe some outfit that makes ibuprofen. Oh, and Starbucks...

Here's hoping you have a mellow day where you are!


I thought homework was over for this week!!! Let's see... It starts off as a word problem:

Part one: If Brad has soccer games on Field A, three miles from home, at 0800->0900, 1210->1310 and 1355->1455; and Daniel has soccer games on Field B, eight miles from home at 1110->1210, 1330->1430 and 1625->1725; and Shelley wants to attend two games for each son, how many gallons of gas will it take to get through the day?

Part Two: How many water bottles will it take to cover the day's events in mid-nineties temperatures? How about what to do with two grass-laden, sweaty kids between games? (No, they may not enter the house. Yes, you do have a garden hose. No, you do not have spare uniforms.)

Bonus: How many ibuprofen will be needed by the parents?

Take your time; but the first game starts at 0800!


Then there's Plan B. ...the one where your oldest gets kicked in the ankle during a drill before the game and goes down. Hmmm...

No deformity, pain to palpation medial and lateral, no swelling, won't bear weight; Rx with ice and elevation while the first game starts and ends badly for the home team...

Re-evaluate and find still no swelling, no bruising, pain now medial only, still will not bear weight (c/o sharp pain); good enough for a three hour cruise at the urgent care run by the local Children's Hospital. Working Dx: hairline Fx, to be confirmed by radiology; Rx with half cast, ortho clinic appointment for the real deal on Monday.

Oh, and... This is after a night where the youngest is so excited about the tournament that he has me up from 0130->0300, 0430, 0530, 0600... Can you say zombie? The poor clerk was trying to confirm information and read me the number for 'emergency contact other than parents' and I just stared at her wondering whose number it was. I didn't even recognize my sister's home number for several minutes <g>!

...and yeah, the espresso deal turned out okay!

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