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Interesting day for my co-workers and me: we're off today for the first time ever. Our outfit converted to Federal holidays earlier this year and this one just crept up on us in a mostly unexpected fashion! Not to worry; we'll handle it <g>...

...and after a weekend taken up with family stuff, it'll actually feel good to start cleaning and clearing again. I hear we're gearing up for another yard sale this weekend and I need to stay ahead of the repackager!

Time to get to it!


One of the most interesting parts of the cleaning project yesterday involved accessing the old workhorse dot-matrix printer. As I worked my way through the layers, I could literally peel back the years since the last time it was used. My guideposts for that were my pay stubs and Linux distro CDs. Corel 1 and Caldera 2.2 were on the bottom...

I managed to keep the stream of goods into Shelley's work area pretty much constant most of the afternoon. I still have one major area to go and I really hope to be able to tackle that tonight. It would be really, really nice to have all the first pass stuff out of here before this yard sale.

Oh, yeah: back to work...


Time for a regrouping, both work and home! Yesterday it seemed as though I jumped on a roller coaster in the morning and didn't get off until late evening. Good flippin' grief! First an unscheduled Costco run and then an afternoon that went all freeform on me...

...and it continued at home! By the time the dust settled, it was way too late at night to get started on anything! ...and you know I had a list!

Maybe today can bring some focus...


You've heard this one from the help desk files:

"I want to download the Internet.
Do I need a bigger hard disk?"

Now you can answer them:

"Sure, click here!"


Props to MizDos...

Sandbagged at Whitenoise...

Almost Friday...


Let's see...

Long day at work.

School Carnival.

Sick wife.

Yard sale in a few hours...

You do the math <g>...


Okay, that one is done with. are something like twenty boxes of stuff that didn't survive the cut. Goodwill for some; recycling for others (including The Ultimate Non-Renewable Recyling System).

...and from the blurred fog of 'nearly done', we're looking at another one next week. Dunno'; we'll revisit that thought when the day is fresh and so are we. Perhaps one day off for me... The thought is that we would be completely done with the first pass of all the goods. That would allow storage of 'save it' items and the beginning of the end for the room itself.

Lofty plans...


Whew. Recovery day... Shelley's out shopping, despite her cold keeping her/us up much of the night; the kids are doing Sunday things (playing/helping me clean); and I'm trying to get organized enough to start in on The Project once again...

...but I think a nap may interfere!

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