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Well, good morning to one and all... Yeah, Monday again. I suspect I may have two Mondays this week. ...or maybe even three. I'd like another day on the library and the garage before the Veteran's Day weekend. ...and tomorrow might fit the bill. Dunno', we were both too burnt yesterday to work on a decent plan for another yard sale...

...and there's the rub: we're reaching the point where we just want the stuff gone and aren't willing to spend the emotional and physical energy anymore. Goodwill and a few other places are going to get real lucky here.

Also in a bit of luck, Dave mentioned Phoenix the other day and I've spent the weekend with it up on what is now the spare Win2k box in the library (soon to be Brad's computer in Brad's room <g>). So far; so good. ...especially for a 0.3 release! That one is going on the work machine in just a few and we'll see how it holds up there this week.

Catch you in a bit...


Bliss... Well, in a little bit. Shelley's off to sub; the boys will be off to school shortly; and I'll be off work today! Yeah!

Hmmm.... Notice I didn't say anything about rest. Yep, I have quite a list of things to do today, the first of which is to make a list: I want an overview to work from over the next few weeks. There's are many ways things intertwine, I want to make darn sure I don't figuratively paint myself into a corner. ...or worse, disconnect something and find we have no net or file access here!

Ah, well; best to get to it!


Well, let's see... I got the handle fixed on the top of the cat box yesterday <g>! Nah, it went better than that. The major list is more or less done (still needs to be re-prioritized); the workbench is so close to being done that I didn't want to stop; and the partridge actually has a place to rest his feathered tail once again (hey, there's walls too!).

I did confirm that I need/want/need a computer bench in the garage; I get into things like right now where I need/want/need to tear into something/test/redo and the kitchen table just doesn't cut it for that. Oh, I can manage it right now because the weather is so nice we've been eating dinner outside, but Shelley has this thing about bundling up before dinner...

Hmmm... Maybe one of those patio warmers???


<Sigh...> Homework is done for the week. ...and I suspect I may be also.


Bills to pay and miles to go before I sleep. Yep, it must be Thursday night in the land of the TimeSink.

Y'all take care out there...


I was emailing with someone today and likened the day to spending time in a blender, being whirled around 'midst all the mixings, with the flavor of the day coloring the view through the glass walls...

Yeah, and it certainly wasn't peach 'cause it wasn't a peachy day at all <g>! ...but around 1400 or so the mixture got so full I was able to climb out the little hole on the top and take a look around. It was only for a moment, but it was enough for me to see the on/off switch and jump on it and at least start to slow things down a bit before I was sucked back inside...

At least it ended! ...and in retrospect I have to look back in amazement at some of what got done. Cool!

...but now it's time for the weekend!


Big chunk knocked out today. Big... The electronics workbench that lived in the closet (well, was the closet) is now located in its new home in the garage. is one standard bookcase and one entertainment center/bookcase.

'Course, there's no room for the van, what with making room for all that, but I'll remedy that tomorrow and Monday. The next step is to repopulate the workbench with the things I need to make it a workbench and decide which sorts of things go into the attic and which ones stay close at hand.

But that's another day...


Aches and pains today!!! Whooeee. ...and a hard, hard wakeup this morning. Ah, well, onward and upward! Church is over; breakfast is over; and homework (and home work) calls.

I'm sure Shelley will mention it; but, just in case, today's project is finishing Daniel's latest homework assignment. I will say this year is much better than last, at least this year's projects are things the kids can actually take part in!

Have a good Sunday!

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