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Ah... A fresh, clean week to start things out right! Yeah. ...and "yeah" to the Anaheim Angels! I don't watch a lot of baseball during the season. ...and I don't even necessarily watch the Series. ...but when it gets going like it did around game four, I start to pay attention.

Saturday evening, I was actually happy to be working in the garage and able to watch game six. I didn't expect much from it; but by the time it was over it had my full attention. ...and last night's worked out just as well. Good baseball all around...

...and a fair amount of cleaning and setup done while those games were going on! Right now I'm set to move a batch of stuff from the library to the garage; that's cool because that will free up room to sort the last two work areas. ...and the attic stuff is ready to go also. Could be a good week for cleaning...

Let's see what happens...


John Dominik! What in the name of all that is Heinlein do you mean by saying you hadn't read any of Spider Robinson's stuff??? Good grief man, you've been wallowing in a sea of sanity when you could have been out there floating above it all and just smiling a lot. ...and groaning.

I mean, the puns are only part of it: if the talking dog doesn't settle it for you, Heinlein's cat showing up on the trip to the Florida keys will. ...and in the latest, the trolls are really time travelers, not aliens as first thought. ...but you'd have gotten that one by then so this really isn't really a spoiler.

...but the bad guys are soooo bad and the midget lady protagonist is soooo good, you'll be believing in Granny GoodWitch again. I mean like the scene where they're chasing the bad guy (that would be Mike and the Mother Elf; no, not the Mother Thing, although she is mentioned) though the streets and Lummox is eating another Buick. Well, you get the idea...

I mean, really; sanity is sooo over-rated...


Flu shot? ...or Memorex? Dunno' at this point. Yesterday I got my annual flu shot at work then did my usual thing: I went home and worked out a little harder than normal (in this case, pushing the blading and then coming back and moving a bunch of stuff from the library to the garage). ...and I'd spent the afternoon clearing out the paper storage cabinets at work. My theory on this is that I might as well cover up the aches and pains from the shot with the real thing <g>!

Today, I'm not so sure; I started not feeling all that well in mid-morning. To be fair, that's sometimes hard to tell since I so much "Not a Morning Person" that I'm not even cognizant until noon some days. ...but after noon, things still hung on. the point that when I finished my workday, I went home and went to bed.

Now I'm up, but here we have that "Morning Mode" thing again...

Time will tell...


Testing, testing... Hmmmm... Maybe! Regardless, there's work to do and kidlets to haul off to Halloween things this evening. Time to get to it.

In other matters, the workstation setup in the kitchen is working out well enough to take things to the next stage and move a Linux box out there. Wolf's essentially been retired for the last week or so, so he'll go out to the electronics bench in the garage this weekend (yeah, only one or two tweaks and that part of the Grand Plan will be open for business!); he'll get the bare metal treatment as a prelude to coming back up as Brad's machine. Hmmmm.... Gonna' be a real temptation not to pull a box customization job while it's out there...

Maybe just a light or two...


Basically, Friday beat up on me at work... It started off a little crazy, but then it got all physical. By the time the eight-hour mark rolled around, I was more than happy to take Shelley up on here offer of a movie. least that way I wouldn't be trying to do something dangerous like blading!

Maybe in the morning...


I only had one thing on the list that I really wanted to get done today and that was to get Shelley's van back into the garage. That happened...



...and today I managed to get the electronics workbench (moved last weekend) set up and in operation:

Ah, the ability to 'bench' a computer again!

'Course, that shot doesn't show the area just to the left...

Still some cleaning to do!

Happy Sunday!

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