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Oh, man! What ever happened to the concept that weekends were a time of rest and relaxation? I mean, now really? I no sooner got untracked on Saturday with some plans for cleaning and computer work (a USB 2 card for Mainspring) when the tracks parted and the train derailed! What was supposed to be an inside day turned into an outside "deal with the part of the drip system that seems to have picked the string of 108F days to fail" followed by "Oh and while we're at it, it appears the pressure regulator on that line is interested in watering the area immediately around the manifold in addition to the flowers downstream". Not to mention the one inline emitter off the tree sprinkler line that was still emitting but no longer in line... Oh, yeah...

...but even that paled in the face of the garbage disposal deciding to become a fountain! "under the sink" fountain. (Oh+yeah)^2! That one will be up later today over on HomeWreckers

Gee, is it Monday already?


Yeah, well, you can't put up a post if you didn't remember to put the pics up on the server now, can you? least that's the story I'm using <g>!


I described today's work activities as "being nibbled to death by ducks". ...upon reflection some hours later, I see no reason to change that.

Yes, the next time I will bring bread crumbs...


Travel day...


We made it in okay... We left around mid-day and had an okay, if somewhat stressful, trip due to traffic conditions (blogged elsewhere). Margaritaville is in full swing, music in the headphones from the Zaurus, drinks chilled to perfection, connectivity dialed (literally)...

...and hey! Later today, 20,000 of our closest friends are coming by to join us for the festivities!

I'm thinking I at least ought to check on the chip situation?


Well, that portion of the circus is over! ...and now we're about to embark on the "be socialable" portion of things for the next day or so. Yeah, well... Don't go there with me <g>!

On the plus side, things went very well last night with both the fireworks show and 'the leave taking': the crowd was lighter than anticipated, maybe only ten to twelve thousand or so; and the exodus has been rather uneventful so far. The last could be related to a law enforcement presence that is easily tripled from years past.

...and now? Maybe some beach time...


A quiet day yesterday... We spent the afternoon at some friends down the way catching up on the last year of happenings. Shelley was friends with the daughter in high school but life and careers provided the usual separation. ...but the commonality of vacationing here provides a chance to get together at least once a year.

Dad and Mom (now grandpa and grandma) are doing very well; Shelley's friend and her husband are now parents of the cutest little girl on the planet; and we found out our two guys can present themselves well enough to score root beer floats off grandmas!

Not bad at all, guys!

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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