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Home. ...and back into the heat. I am so not looking forward to today <g>! There'll be the usual backlog at work, but the real kicker will be going outside into weather a good thirty to forty degrees higher than what I've been living in for the last ten days. Ah, well...

Minor tech note: I took along some of those little FRS radios you see here and there (Costco and Graingers for ours) and let the boys use them as a link to 'home base'. ...and for us to use as leashes <g>. Usually we have an old set of radios to communicate from the beach, but this time we issued each of the guys a rechargable and let them wander a bit farther than normal. Other than a little problem with one 'chatterbox', things worked out very well.

Ah, well, off to it then...


I think I've developed some sensitivity to the temperature changes. Certainly something is going on. ...or maybe it's just the cat that kept us up all night <g>! Either way, yesterday was a very long day at work. ...but not from work-work; that was normal enough, albeit way full of things to do and things to catch up on. Nope, I just felt very drained all day. ...and the trip home in the heat didn't help: I ended up napping for several hours when I got in.

I think the kicker last night was when I walked outside to just check on things and the heat just felt oppressive. ...and then I came in to find out it was only 86F. Hmmm... I think some Tincture of Time and perhaps several night's sleep may be in order.

Then again...


Okay, maybe this heat thing is settling down. Today, I actually felt like blading. I didn't, simply because I know better. ...but I thought about it <g>.

I came home instead and hauled the boys off to pick up cards for their mother. After all, tomorrow, she becomes "The Answer", -no?

Stay tuned...


...and as those of us who have read Douglas Adams already know, the answer is 42:

Shelley on Brad's birthday this April

Happy Birthday, Honey...


Made it. It's the weekend. Sleep. Projects. Sleep. Maybe blade. Sleep...

Gotta' deal with this heat...


Whooo. Hot and muggy here today. The overcast rolled in yesterday and today it just camped out overhead. Nothing like hot and humid. Still, I managed to get out and blade on the short route (for the first time since we got back); that went okay. ...and now the patio area is clean. ...but the drip lines didn't get replaced.

...and I'd like to say a lot got done, but that was about it for the day. Oh, I did get Daniel's computer back up. It's been down since The Great Move and he really hasn't much cared about it. ...but he got a new game so it jumped up a bit on the priority list. Now for Brads...

Later gang...


Not much here today, just a note on the calendar marking Shelley's and my thirteeth anniversary...


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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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