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Well, this weekend more or less marked the end of our summer: School starts in a week; and even though that week leads right into a holiday, the Days of Homework are now all too close. Still, this last little turnaround at the beach was a nice way to end things. We usually don't get to play this late, so this one was special. ...and it's the first time we've tried back to back three day weekends. I think it worked out okay.

...other than the damage reports <g>!


Gee, what fun, back to 103F again <g>! Welcome to California in August. ...and yep, you heard correctly yesterday: the boys do start school on Monday, 103 or not.

Daniel's starting junior high!!! ...and Brad is now considered an "Upper Grader"! Man, it does seem like just yesterday...

I did manage some time on Brad's computer last night; that's a Good Thing! One more pass at parts mounting and we'll fire it up and see what's on that particular hard drive...



Yep, if you woke up to the story of the shark attack on the Pacific Coast and wondered: yes, that was the beach we visited over the July 4th part of our vacation. ...and yes, we normally hang out just a few miles up the coast, literally around a point and up against the northern part of Estero Bay. Too close...

Also a bit too close to being back in the heat was blading this evening. Normally I hold off for almost a week after coming back from 70F to 103F, but tonight I just needed to get out and put some miles on. I'd only planned to do the short route to break in a bit, but the sunset was worth staying out the extra miles for. Heh, I ended up doing my full normal route...

I guess I'd better see if that crane is still handy for the morning...


WT??? "They" are calling for rain here today... Easy math: it was over 100F yesterday (I don't recall exactly, but I remember waiting until it cooled down to 99.9 before I went blading) and 75F when I got up this morning. I can't see that life will be real comfortable if even a thunderstorm rolls in. Interesting, maybe; but man, it will SO not be a dry heat <g>...

"Portents" is one word that comes to mind...


Well, the blasted rains never came. Sacramento caught all kinds of stuff, but all we did was get some winds out of it. Still, that cooled us down quite a bit...

Tomorrow is the start of The Last Weekend Before School Starts <g>... Maybe I'll cook for the gang!

...tri-tip and brisket and Italian sausage?


Four cheese sourdough bread, mustard and mayonnaise and these:

Ya' think?


Yep, that was lunch yesterday. One sandwich pretty much took care of me for the day. Dinner for the gang was tri-tip (Shelley and Daniel) and corned beef brisket (Brad); I ended up snacking on one of Shelley's homemade cakes around 2200 and calling it good.

...and I got a ton of outside stuff done yesterday. Enough that today may be an inside day. It would be nice to get Brad's machine to the 'button up' stage; if I can do that, I can handle the OS and software installs in his room. That's a decent plan anyway <g>...

Let's see how it pans out...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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