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Saturday, I mentioned Trillian, but blew the link. So that is the corrected one. ...and for those who don't want to backtrack, I'll mention that Trillian is a multi-service chat client. It's just a tad top heavy on the P-120 laptop, but that's because the background is a graphic. I did some customization though and got it to where I could see things clearly...

...and last night, I threw it on the Win2k box and it ran just fine. I tried it for the evening and it will work nicely to replace Worldnet's client that they no longer support. ...and the laugh thing? Yeah, that's still strange <g>!



Let's see... "Hammered", that would be a good word. Hey, I owe emails all over the place. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. It's a bit full tilt at home and at work.

Bear with me a bit. Thanks...


Hey, just a tidbit here for any Moveable Type users who have rebuild problems and happen to be running a popup blocker: I was helping one of the Surreallists last week with a nagging problem local to her machine. We'd isolated it back to where it almost had to have something to do with her Norton installation, but we still couldn't quite get it figured out. Then she disabled the popup blocker "just because". Bingo!

Think about it: the popup blockers interrupt the traffic flow from the popup to the server... Yeah, and MT's rebuild box qualifies as a popup under any definition, including sending information back and forth. Yep. That would do it all right!

I am SO glad we got that one over and done with...


Travel day...


Here and there this weekend... We're going for one last shot at the coast before school starts again. ...and I'll be in and out here very little as I have a chunk of web work in progress. Yep, I'm revamping some things and resetting others. ...and back at site design once again. Yep, some new stuff coming down the pike...

Stay tuned...


Whew. I thought it was going to take a crane to get me out of bed today. Yeah, we hit the ocean yesterday and the waves hit us <g>! Let's see: Sunburned right through SPF30 block, scraped knees and elbows from the dump offs, a lump the size of Kansas on one side of my head (from hitting the bottom that one time), rope burns on my arms and abdomen from the board strap, a belly full of ocean, seawater lavaged sinuses, ears full of water and sand, fingers aching from holding on to the board and so tired I can hardly focus...

Sure! Of course we're planning on doing it again...


Wow. ...and I thought Friday was an ocean day! We hit the beach again Saturday and played tag with the sea once more. Things were rough once again with tumbles and bruises being the order of the day. Daniel packed in in early after a rather spectacular crash when a double wave failed; the one he was riding traveled over the top of a leading wave just as it gave out and he augured in. Brad and I both had similar events but didn't hit as hard (we sure lost track of which way was up though!).

Despite it all, we're chalking the day up as a good one. We didn't stay out late and ended up with the Disney channel as the night's entertainment for those so inclined (I read; Daniel worked on his computer<g>).

Now to make it home...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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