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I'll take the holiday; one more day to recover from Yet Another Kid's Birthday seems to be in order. ...and my sleep factor is still somewhat below 1.0.

I did get some exercise in this morning... Well, slightly more than I'd planned on <g>. I'd finished my blading routine and figured the holiday would be a good time to change out my wheels and bearings. Brad wandered out and I asked him if he wanted to go around the block with me while I tested out the the new set. I was figuring he'd take his bike or scooter, but he strapped on a pair of blades.

("Hey, are those yours?" "These are the ones I've been wearing..." Translation: "These are Daniel's that I nicked a while back and kept in my room so he wouldn't be reminded of them and he's forgotten, so possession is nine points of the law".)


We headed out on what turned out to be a bit of an extended run, but one that let me really let loose on the last quarter mile. ...and that got me to thinking about which brand he was using. ...and it turned out his/Daniel's set could take standard bearings!

Sooooo... I mounted up my old bearings on his wheels. ...and out we went again! ...with the equivalent of a 'hop up' kit in his blades. I could hear the difference within the first block: he wasn't 'clumping' along so much as he was gliding like I do. Cool.

Of course, by the time we were on the way back in, he wanted to race. Sheesh. Once again proving a lower gear ratio (shorter legs) makes for much quicker starts and sprints. Not to worry; longer legs and a firm sense of "No way, kiddo" put me back in the lead within a half block. ...but life got real interesting when I realized we were racing into a "T" intersection <g>!

...and that how it ended up to be nap time!


Sheesh. What with all the comments from the Easterners and Mid-Westerners and even some mountain people about rain and Autumn and such, I thought I was just feeling puny when I mentioned it was 102 today. Not so: it was 104.4 when I got home. homework assignments for both kids.

Oh, yeah, it's Fall here too, as in "fallen into the pit once again" <g>... Heh. So of course now it's raining at 2242...

Must be Monday, Part II!


That rain ended after a while, but the temp outside was still 84! ...and when I got up, it was 77; that's evidently some sort of record for the overnight low in September. ...and you'd expect all sorts of humidity, but things were hot and dry once again today.

Yeah, still in the nineties when I went blading just before sundown. Sheesh. ...but I was glad I'd mounted up those new wheels and bearings the other day; I was able to take it easier and just go for distance and time rather than having to push things as I tend to do when the wheels are worn down.

Still, it's flat hot here <g>!


Hmmm... I changed out the ROM on the Zaurus yesterday (hey, Ragnorok, I owe you an email!). Twice actually... The first round was to OpenZaurus to see what was happening in that venue, and then on to Sharp's 3.1 release when I found out OZ didn't have a media player! Come on, that's what I like best about this unit <g>!

...but alas, I may have to revert to 2.8 after all: there's enough overhead on 3.1 that I can't watch full motion music videos.

Ah, well...


Friday!!! Yeah. ...and we're starting the weekend off with football! Oregon State is in town and the last few games have been all sorts of intense. ...and Daniel is going to see it live! Yep, one of his friends has a dad who has tickets, so they'll be enjoying the show while not watching a box.

Please take pity on poor Shelley and Brad and me as we suffer through an outlandish feast of Mexican food and then have to sit around and watch the game on recliners with the AC on...



Well, maybe not the game of the century last night, but certainly one for the ages! Oregon State came to town to try to repeat the pounding they gave the Bulldogs last year (which was revenge for the thrashing we gave them the year before <g>) and ended up playing a very different game than they'd planned...

Short version: 14-16, Fresno State. Long version: the defense that hadn't jelled quite yet set as solid as concrete (three stops inside the 10, blocked the field goal attempt, had that trashed by a penalty call, and still held as OS tried to run it in from the one). ...and the offense finally found at least a clue; they managed to produce enough to show their potential. ...and enough to win.

Oh, and the injured quarterback managed to put together one final series. ...and the winning field goal came with thirty-six seconds to go. Yep, college football at it's finest...

Catch you later...


Ya' know, sometimes you just have to take a day off now and then...


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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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