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Changes last week to the blog, changes this week to the weather (?), WordPress beta .72 up and running nicely at one site, a comment script ready for testing at another, more additions to the blog pages (some serious restructuring is already underway), and the partridge is just singing along...

Yep, another week is underway...


Poor Shelley... First she has to deal with my sense of humor and my ways of dealing with things I don't like, and then she finds out they've been passed down to the new generation. Case in point: she gets a telemarketer call during dinner. Normally that's not a time we even pick up calls, but she was expecting a call on a job. So as she hangs up, I say, " time, just set the phone down and they can listen to our dinner conversation if they'd like." We went back and forth on the practicality of that for a moment and then the boys chimed in:

"Hey,can we really do that some night? That would be cool!"

Followed by:

"Yeah! ...and we can have beans for dinner!!!", causing them both to lose it and laugh hysterically!"

Of course, I'm no help at that point...


Well, now... That was certainly interesting. Daniel had a homework assignment the other day that needed to be printed out from his laptop. Okay, no problem; I was planning on setting him up on the network anyway. ...but this came up a little suddenly and whoopsie, he's on XP and it doesn't play nice with Shelley's Win98 box across the various segments!

Monday evening is not the time to have to deal with this type of thing <g>... After several false starts and at least one temporary show-stopper, I finally just yanked his files onto the Win2k box and printed them from there. Sheesh. ...but I need to change some plans on how and where I have him integrated into the network. For the moment he's staying on the wired segment and behind a second firewall: the kid just has a talent for clicking the wrong link...



Back to School Night! Yeah, I haven't been in a junior high in maybe, what, forty years? ...but some things never change. ...others do: tonight I saw a school with it's act together, teachers and parents and students at least aware of the expectations for the year.

Refreshing in a way. ...and dead serious for the kids who even think of shining a parent on: email notification of grade updates, websites with homework and grades posted, and teachers giving out their email addresses and home telephone numbers.

Yep, it's going to be an interesting year!


Hmm... The weather may not be that bad this weekend... After the coolness last week, things have been heating up into the upper nineties this week, with 103 projected for the weekend. ...and with the soccer seeding tournament scheduled for all day, we were not looking forward to it. ...but now they're calling for mid-nineties and that should work out okay.

Well, other than the getting up and going bit...


It's sports day here at Casa TimeSink. Both boys are in soccer again this year and the seeding tournament is today. ...but at least this year, they're at the same school. ...and maybe this year we won't start off with a fracture during warmups!

...but man, I'm really going to miss seeing the game today!


Well, the football game turned out as anticipated... Ah well, league play may be more satisfying. ...but yesterday's soccer games were very satisfying: Daniel's team took three of three and Brad's took two of three. That means a hard schedule for Daniel's team, but that's what they wanted: a chance to play together against the other mixed sixth/seventh grade teams in the league. Brad's bunch will probably play a more balanced schedule...

...but the heat yesterday took it's toll: Shelley had Brad at his first game at 0730; Daniel and I joined them around 1000. We had two breaks that actually let us come home for a few minutes, but the last game wasn't over until nearly 1900. ...and all the while the temperature headed up toward 100 and held there; when we got back home at 1900, the outside temp was still 98F.

So today became a day of rest for us. Well, other than the homework the boys needed to get going on and the soccer registration stuff Shelley needed to do and the sleep I needed to make up for <g>...

The fearless moth  hunter...

Yep, not everything yesterday was soccer, soccer, soccer...

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Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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