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Okay, I know it's tacky to blog the weather; but man, I keep reading about how it's raining elsewhere and I think this family is all too ready for the 100+ days to be over. say nothing of actually clearing the dust from the skies and letting Brad and me breathe a bit easier!

Speaking of Brad, he's a bit excited about me finally getting time to finish up his computer rebuild. It's been a long time, but I'm making it worth the wait for him: I found a case the other day that will allow me to upgrade him over the next year or so. That's a better deal than the retrofit I started a while back; he's likely to need more storage space and computational power once he gets into digital photography (he seems to be heading that direction). Oh, and the case lights up <g>...

Oh yeah, this should be fun...


Any idea just how hard it is to take down a virtual server at pair? I mean, hose it so that the entire site gives an internal server error? ...and then bad enough to have the safeties kick in and kill all access, including ftp and email?

Yeah, I managed that one all by myself. ...a shut down site and a total lockout. ...and then their support submitted a bug report on it! If you ever wonder why I use them to host this domain, that's it in a nutshell: first, there are no problems; and if one comes up, there are no problems.

I submitted a report through the usual channels; but then when things went further south and I realized I wouldn't be able to use that email address to receive feedback, I hit the backup. I had an answer and a fix about fifteen minutes later. ...and then the tech and I passed some info back and forth as he figured out on the second pass what had gone wrong with the .htaccess file. ...and just fixed it while he was in there (very cool for them to have shadow drives on their boxen <g>).

Yeah, pricey, but worth it!


Just crazy from the heat... Earlier this week, 'they' said, "Cooling into the nineties" and now I read where we're talking 103 Sunday and 104 Monday. Something is sure out of sync...

Things will continue to be a bit thin here (and there); homework is eating up the discretionary time once again; I haven't even looked at Brad's computer since the weekend. Life in the fast lane...

Speaking of SCSI drives, if you're looking for some 47gig full height (new) drives for $20, Dave has a link to follow.

Shameless, I know...


Big doin's tonight for the "Junior High School Student": there's a dance and he's going! Where I managed to dodge and miss that sort of thing until several years later in my life, he's jumping in with both feet. Then again, he has one heck of a coach, his mom...

Yep, Herself has been busily prompting him with the proper "do"s and "don't"s. ...and everything I am not, she is on this stuff. I'm betting he's going to have a good time. In the meantime, she'll be at home running scenario after scenario through her head. ...and wishing for a two way communicator to help <g>!

Me, I'll just read a book or something...


Let's see... Perhaps a recap: Daniel survived The Dance <g> ("Did you have fun?" "Uh-huh." "Did you dance?" "No."); Shelley survived The Dance (although her debrief was considerably longer than mine!); and we've all survived the work week...

Just in time for soccer in the morning!


So much for a day off! The soccer gang had to be at the first game at 0800 and to the second at 0915. We ended up at home by noon, but Shelley had to attend a board meeting then. Sheesh. There went the kick back time as we had an extra kid for a while and then homework to be handled...

Ah, well, at least the local team is playing at home tonight!


We're still looking for that day off! The last two days have seemed like "kid haulin' days". It's to the point that I'm walking Brad over to his friend's house a few blocks away just so I don't have to drive (That's heresy here in the Land of the Mommy Van)!

...and the local team won last night! Yeah! ...and in conference too! Coolness. It was bit of an ugly game; but hey, a win is a win. ...but they'd better have their act together when they hook up with Boise State, -eh, Cecil? to post elsewhere!

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Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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