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Happy Monday to one and all! I'm throwing a link in here just to let Google catch it and cache it:

Instructions for Preparing and Injecting Betaseron
Using an Autoject 2

What's up with that? Well, when we switched Shelley over to Betaseron a few years back, I came up with an alternative series of instructions that fit the 'real world' a bit better than the sequence the manufacturer presented. I added in some safety tidbits from my field time; we tested it out and decided it worked out okay.

A year or so ago we had someone else who had recently been diagnosed with MS approach us for assistance in setting up their Betaseron injection; their one visit from the home health care specialist really didn't "take" for them. We took that opportunity to describe the process in a little more detail and also showed her the 'working kit' we'd made up to hold all the items needed for setting up a shot.

Last week another linkup with a new MS patient had Shelley and me giving a class on how to set up and inject their Betaseron with their Autoject system and I tweaked the procedure a little bit further. I'm opening it up to a public posting now in the hope someone else may find it useful. This will also remind me to refine the system from time to time and perhaps to add in a picture series of the kit we work with.

Thanks for indulging me on this one...


We're in the midst of a cooling trend! Yeah!!! ...and "upper eighties" beats what we've been having <g>! Yesterday was the first morning that actually felt like September: usually we're cold in the mornings by Labor Day; but this year has been different...

...and the lower temps mean lower smog levels. ...and that means the air quality is better. Oh, not all that great, but better. That sunset picture I posted last Thursday could have served double duty as the sunrise photo from this morning.

Yeah, that much dust...


Bizarre... That's what I ran across when I went to throw Win98 on Brad's new machine: the CD came up bad. Well, not bad, but unreadable... WT? That was a new disk. ...but I was getting cable errors and then media errors. Sheesh. So I figured the Creative 52x reader had gone south on me during one of the changeouts. ...and I said the heck with it and told the machine the burner was the only CD.

Same deal... Double WT??? So I swapped out cables and burners and readers and even found another Win98 disk. Same deal. WT? On impulse, I tossed a WinNT CD in. It read fine. WT? Win2k? No problem. Win98? No go.

So I restored the machine to its original config and re-did things. Same deal: Win98, both new retail and older Academic versions could not be read. NT and 2k: no problems...

Sure, I can pull the HDD and put it in a machine and copy the CD cab files across; but hey, that would be too easy, -neh? I'll give my new external HDD case with the USB connection a try. That'll let me test out a couple of things.

Oh, and the Win98 CD? Read fine on the Linux box...


It's definitely cooler this week. ...and hey! I thought I saw a cloud on Monday! I mean, before the breezes slacked and the haze filled in again. Still, maybe we'll have something besides this heat...

Yeah, it's cooler in the mornings and not hitting the century mark on the temps. ...but it's still plenty warm in the afternoons. But they're talking frost in Ohio and Pennsylvania...

Could be worse... (could be snowing!)


Cooler and clouds yesterday. ...and that's a Good Thing as we're heading out to the local County Fair this afternoon. I'm just hoping it's warm enough for some beer <g>!

Yeah, like that's a problem...


Lessee'... The Fair last night. Soccer game one. Soccer game two. Soccer pictures. Breakfast at 1430. The local team getting whipped bad. Nap. Pick up kid one. Pick up kid two. Post there. Post here...

Yeah, that was Saturday <g>!


Hmmm.... Slept in, bladed, walked (with Brad; pics later on the blog), showered, breakfast (early: at 1300 today), nap one, nap two, coffee two (too?) and dinner now looms on the horizon. Maybe some geekery this evening...

Sunday, such as it is...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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