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Cooler temps made for a milder weekend in the Central Valley. Still, it was plenty hot for the fair goers and the Civil War re-enactors in their woolen outfits.

...and the sun was intense enough to keep my tan going from all the soccer time, blading time and just wandering about time. ...and it's freezing in New Jersey; and both Pennsylvania and Ohio had snow after I mentioned it last week in jest. Hmmmm... Maybe I should look into doing a weather blog....

Nah! Ya'll have a good week out there!


One of the downsides for a twelve year old living in the wired age is that your homework assignments are available online. ...and when you're home from school with a non-brain deadening illness (albeit a distracting one <g>) and your paternal parental unit is home for the same reason, you're pretty much carne muerte as far as being able to kick it and watch TV all day long.

On the plus side, you can pretty much play all the Star Wars "Command and Conquer" you want to between assignments; dear old dad is sneaky enough to use it as a teaching tool for the "History of the Middle East" assignments: "Whaddaya' mean you don't know how to answer 'Why did they have armies?' Why do you build armies?" Pause... "Oh, yeah, huh..."

Right under the radar...


Time for a general update of sorts, since I'm still a little outa'... Daniel is now as caught up on his homework as he can be <g>; Shelley took over today and kept him rolling on it. Tonight we polished of the last bit of what he can do at home. There's still stuff from school, but tomorrow evening is open.

I headed in to work and managed something over a half day before I came back home. Tomorrow should be a full day back for both of us. Wish us luck, -eh?

...and the weather? Still in the low nineties!


Hey, there's a cooling trend! Maybe if I don't blink I'll be able to catch a leaf turning color before it falls <g>! Hmmm... Autumn? Maybe... Time will tell. We're still in the nineties during the day, but this evening we were able to open the windows by eight o'clock.

Cool. Literally...


Hey! Late soccer games tomorrow! Whoohoo, no getting up with the roosters to make either game! That will be a pleasant change, especially as Shelley worked both yesterday and Thursday; she needs the break. ...and I'm sure not going to turn it down, especially as this just became a 'homework weekend' with Daniel having a project due.

La-la-la-la, Life Goes On...


1623 and I'm wondering what happened to the day... To recap, I slept in until 0800, made coffee, went blading, showered, went to soccer game number one, picked up some pool chem, lined one kid out on homework, went to soccer game number two (breakfast/whatever on the way at 1345), came home, lined out homework, napped for thirty minutes and now I'm wondering what the heck happened to about six hours...

I mean, at this point we're talking dinner in few, homework (the research project we started last night) and then the State game (at Hawai'i) at 2100. I seem to be missing something...

Oh, yeah: a deep breath <g>...


Hmmmm... Also missing last night was any sort of defense against the pass: 55-28, Hawai'i... I guess the fact that the TV feed from the islands was hosed was a mercy of some sort.

Today has been the continuation of "No Life, Attack of the Homework Assignments". Sheesh. So far we've managed to hammer a stake through the heart of the Scientist Biography Board. ...and Daniel has just lit the torches we'll be using on the History Study Guide as soon as we can narrow down the last question.

Later, folks...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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