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The boys are off both today and tomorrow. One way to handle that from the teacher's perspective is to tell the kids to have a nice time and enjoy their days off. The other is to make sure they don't lose their edge. Daniel ended up behind Door Number Two... we kicked in the incentive program: "If you want to spend the night at your bud's place on Sunday, all your homework has to be turned in and checked over by Sunday afternoon." That nap I took Friday? When I got up there was a note on my keyboard saying, "Dad, could you please print out my spelling words from the Net so I can get started on them when I get up?" Coolness...

Yep, he finished all of it and I finished all the checking, including the science project. ...and off he went to spend the night, leaving us with a very peaceful household <g>.

I found him crashed in the chair when I got home this evening...


Veteran's Day, 2003


Just a mention of the weather... The cooler temps that dumped in last week have stayed; we've essentially gone from the 90s to the sixties and held there. The rains came and went with the good news being that they were light enough and spread out enough that most of it soaked into the ground; I don't think there's much standing water around at all. That's good for the groundwater recharge...

That's not so good for those looking to see things like the sun: the same inversion layer that kept all the heat and dust inside this bowl of a valley seems to have shown up again today. The morning dawned bright and clear, but by 1000 things were looking a bit gray. By noon, the fog had settled in and blocked the sun off thoroughly: everything above 200 feet was gone. The good news is that the ground fog didn't form; that makes it safe to drive as visibility is still nearly a mile. The bad news is that it makes for SAD times for some people...

Here's hoping for more rain (or a bit of a breeze)...


Yeah, the last night of homework for the weak. Umm.. Hmm. Yes, I spelled it correctly <g>. ...and since we had the guys do their spelling contract stuff last weekend and it turned out the teachers weren't doing them this week, it appears that we're a week ahead of things. Yeah!!!

...and the East is threatening to blow itself away. ...and we're here with 65F and sun. I'd bottle up some sunshine, but every time I've tried that it hasn't stayed in the container long enough to get to its destination. Must be something to do with overnight express...

Catch you later!


Friday? There was a "Friday"? Oh, yeah, I remember something about a "Friday". Uhmm hmm... Let's see... Yep, work, home, blade, dinner? Oh, that's right: they found me upright on the couch around three hours later with a book in my hand and my close focus-glasses still on my head. I suppose there may even be pictures...

Ah, well...


Soccer in the rain... Yep, "we only cancel for lightning!"; that's what I heard repeated over and over again in the background (Shelley was making parent calls) as I was trying to get my head together (SO not a morning person) to take Daniel to his game. Shelley would be taking Brad to his since both were scheduled at the same time...

The "maybe" rain showed up Friday evening and has been going on and off ever since. ...and it's been slow enough that it's still soaking in rather than running off, and that's very cool. ...but so is the front, so the games were cold and wet. Still, Daniel's team snack turned out to be pizza, so he was happy about that!

Brad's snack was a cold yogurt bar...


Yesterday evening turned into a kickback time for everyone. Shelley and Brad went shopping after their soccer game (something about 'wrestling shoes'?) and came home just done in... Daniel and I already had a head start on them: he was tired from soccer (he played "forward" which was a real change for him) and I'd had some serious insomnia Friday night that kept me awake most of the night (should'a blogged <g>).

Daniel watched cartoons and I ended up sleeping the afternoon away and reading most of the evening. Shelley and Brad joined in the festivities when they came home...

Here's hoping for a slightly more productive day...

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