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Well, Mr. Brad is all sorts of happy; his new machine that's been promised for so long is up and running. I finally got through that mess from the other week with the "unreachable" CDROMs and no FDD when I noticed the mobo had a "boot from USB FDD" option. Heh. Done deal. I happened to have one of those in stock, so I let the Win98 install nuke the old Win2k install on that HDD. ...and he is off and running. Literally. He currently has the fastest machine in the house...

...and I have a bunch of software to install on his machine. I've been watching the bargain racks for dictionary programs and such for school and did all right there. ...and he has his list of stuff Daniel pulled from their old machine. ....and I'm going to be really tempted to set up an intranet so they can play Battleship against each other! "Please, Mom, send us to our rooms!"



Good grief! Last Tuesday I was blading in 90 degree heat and tonight we have a frost advisory! What on earth?

...and today was a day off. I took the day so I could maybe recapture some of Sunday's feeling when I slept in and then got a lot done. Hmmm... Well???. I did sleep in <g>! ...and then Shelley and I headed out to breakfast and then off to Costco for some sundries. ...but after that and a quick trip to storage to pick up the Thanksgiving boxes, I ended up asleep again. Like for four hours... Whew...

...and yep, that shot the day. I got to wake up enough to work on homework with Daniel for another four hours and then spend some detox time on line after a 2100 dinner. ...but all in all, the day turned out okay.

Thank you...


Much to do today, this evening and tonight... I'll hold off on posting here until I see if something I'm trying on another site works out...

Good night all...


...and then there are days where it gets down to: go to work, come home, blade, eat, do homework and "Look, it's 2200!"



There's a message being sent when you come home from work and sleep from 1700 until 2200... I'm listening to that message (yeah, as best I can <g>).



Yeah, yeah, I know.... A little too much waking up...

Breakfast was past great. When the gang got home from Daniel's soccer game, I cooked up some link breakfast sausages and tried out the pancake mix and syrup Sheila and Bill had sent me for my birthday. Heh. I'd never cooked pancakes before, Shelley had never tried true maple syrup and the guys have never had buckwheat pancakes... I'd post a picture, but all it would show would be a couple of very empty plates <g>!

Daniel opted out because he just wasn't hungry, but Shelley had her fill (I had her leftovers plus my short stack) and Brad just wiped out his hotcakes and sausage (and came looking for mine). It's been a few decades since I've had first class maple syrup and a while since I've tried anything but Bisquick pancakes, so the morning has ended on a very nice note.

Now the problem is going to be staying awake for Brad's soccer game... Shelley is out on the one couch and I'm staying awake by posting (no server work just yet, Sarah). We were up more than down last night (Shelley had a cough she just couldn't kick) and that isn't helping; but that's the type of breakfast that just makes you reach for the recliner and a throw...

...and I did get up and out and blade since the weather forecasts just aren't matching reality here. "They" are saying rain by midnight, but this morning's cloud formations just didn't look like they read the same computer models. ...and the wet stuff that started falling a little while ago is showing me I made a good decision.

I'll check back after soccer...


Ribosomes-cytoplasm-nucleus-endoplasmic reticulum-centriole... It's been a long weekend. I'll tell you about it tomorrow...


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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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