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....and we're in the stretch and headed down to the Christmas wire. There's only another day or two to get your shopping lists together for Wednesday evening's shopping extravaganza; but hey, if you haven't figured out what they want by now, you're hosed anyway <g>!

...and why do I think the work week will be a full one? Yeah, there are lots of goods on the way. ...and since our warehouseman is off for a month or so, Janeen and I are doing double duty. ...but it seems there may be an year end project or two in the works. No wait, those are my projects. Oh, darn...

I guess I'd better get to it!


Oh, yeah, I felt it! I'd just come back to the office and was sitting down when I noticed the chair didn't quite 'settle' correctly. As a matter of fact, it kept moving a bit in a slow rolling wave. A quick check of a picture on a freestanding shelf showed motion there also, so it was 'doorway time'.

What was interesting was that no one else felt it! I ended up on an earthquake alert site, and their automated system had it tracked! Cool. Well, no; the aftershocks were pretty significant. ...and then the reports from Paso Robles came in.

...and yes, the condo we vacation at in the summer is only about twenty miles away. We're waiting for a report, but I'm guessing it will be fine; the first reports from the town just listed minor shaking. This was one of those slow rollers that sways entire buildings rather than one of the shakers that send you scurrying outside.

Hey, thanks for asking, by the way!


Some days just never seem to end. If I wrote up all of yesterday, you wouldn't believe it. Let's just say that when Shelley took a bolt in her left front tire on the way back from yet another Christmas shopping run late yesterday evening, the only thing left to do was to deal with it and maybe laugh about it...

...and here's hoping for a short day today! With all the fun yesterday and last night, I didn't get anything wrapped for Shelley. Not that there was much to deal with there: I'll be doing most of my shopping on the way home today...

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!


Merry Christmas! I won't be hanging around over here today. The blog is the more likely place <g>!

Have a great day!


Staying a little too late at my sister's place on Christmas Eve, and then having to wait until the guys were asleep to set out presents certainly took it's toll on Shelley and me yesterday. Whew. Talk about tired. Still, the day went well enough and everyone seems to have received pretty much what they wanted or could use. I'll count that as a success...

Today is a normal work day, so I'm off in the rain once again. Yep, it's been raining since early in the week and the long term forecast is showing rain every day through the new year! That's some serious catchup! One report mentioned something like an inch on Christmas; that's a decent amount for around here. Maybe I'd better check in with that Noah fellow...

I think you can expect snow pics at some point...


What one day will do to a forecast! Friday dawned clear and cool and the day progressed into some of the clearest skies we've seen around here in quite a while. The mountains still had clouds banked down around them, but the snow level was actually down into the foothills... of course that meant I could blade when I got home! Whoohoo! I prefer four days or better each week. ...and if I don't get at least two I get down right cranky <g>! That worked out well enough, but I ended up way out of steam after dinner and didn't get to the projects I had planned.

Ah, well...


Saturday turned into a reprise of Friday evening, with some time spent on the couch after some running around (picking up a car from getting serviced). I did get up and about very early and managed to get a few pictures taken; one is up on the blog...

What didn't get done was a quite a list of upgrades to and transfers amongst the various computers here. Brad needs a different flash memory reader for his new camera (yes, standby!), which frees up the one from his machine to go to Daniel. ...who will inherit my FujiFilm digital. ...and then there's the Shuttle PC chassis I picked up that just may end up as the Linux workstation and send Tux off to server status.

Yep, big plans here...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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