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It's another short/sideways kinda' week here... And after a few freezing nights, the rain is scheduled back in for a day or two. Okay, we'll take it at this point...

I did manage to get a few things done yesterday. Brad's machine is upgraded pretty well (we may have to deal with the video card if Madden 2004 Football keeps shadowing) and he should be set for another birthday or two. ...but 900megs to load a game. Whew!

...and that Shuttle I picked up the other week is at least inside where I can start working on it <g>! That's always the tough part, just getting started. Maybe the evenings this week will be mellow...

One can hope, -eh?


A long day at the office was nicely capped by watching the local team outlast UCLA in 'The Average Bowl'. ...but hey, a win over a Pac 10 team? Yeah, they'll take it!

Off to bed...


New Year's Eve and it's mellow inside and noisy outside. Shelley's down for the count; Daniel is next door partying with a friend; Brad and the cats are kickin' it with me...

There's a splash page up, but I think that's it for the night. Happy New Year, everyone!

Until the dawn...


We ended up with the late night movies last night... We started off with Queen's "We will Rock You" with Brad having me guess the songs within the first few chords <g>. That was fun, especially as I hadn't seen this concert before!

We moved on to the 1967 Harris/Redgrave "Camelot". Brad wanted a movie with "battle scenes" and that seemed a good way to handle 'parental discretion' and 'battle scenes'...

It's a pity he didn't make it even to the jousting scene...

Just too late...

I do admit to forgetting about Redgrave though... Whew!


Kind of a mixed bag, ya' know: today is the first working day of the New Year for the office types, yet it's the last day of the week. If it goes anything like last week, it will be interesting to see which vendors are open...

There's lots to write about on the tech front, but it will have to wait another day. ...but there's a Maxtor utility update that is making HDD migration a piece of cake and that Shuttle PC work I mentioned turned out to be a done deal in just a few hours.

So yeah, that would be teasing <g>...


Well, the weather looks like it will be clearing enough for the guys and me to take down the outside Christmas stuff. Once I get out of bed that is! I'm dead tired for some reason and I think I'll take today as a sleep in day...

Tech stuff? Well, Ogle works rather nicely on RedHat 9 to play DVDs. ...and it's rather nice to have to get back to the <alt> <ctrl> <shift> <number> keystroke series to switch back and forth amongst the boxes and boxen. Yep, I'm back up to four <g>...

I'll tell you about it sometime...


The lights are down and put away for another year. The rest of the stuff is dealt with also: Shelley's inside decorations are back in their various storage locations and the outside stuff is in the attic...

I have to say it would have been hard to handle in one day without the guys to help. Both contributed immensely to the take down, and next year they'll be able to help more with the setup. ...otherwise a scaleback is definitely in order.

Now to see if I can even move today <g>!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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