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Well, things went well enough for Brad and me yesterday when we were out. What I didn't realize was that he was taking shots for desktop wallpaper on his machine. Man, the kid can compose nicely through his camera LCD! He ran through several on his machine when we got back and they all looked great right out of the camera. I can see I'm going to have to upgrade his image processing software to something 'real'. ...and maybe even set him up with a subdomain. He's really doing that well.

...but not doing so well is Daniel's laptop, at least as far as the ability to add on more programs. He picked up a game yesterday and it looked to me like the machine was just churning as it tried to load it. Great! I'm betting one more of the several hundred malware/adware/spyware/cursor/wt? programs that have climbed aboard that machine while it's at school have it choked up pretty good!

That's really not a problem as I've been patiently waiting for an object lesson; this will be a good time to show that 'deleting' or 'uninstalling' a program that doesn't care to play by the rules of polite society can be nothing more than an exercise in futility. I'm just hoping I won't have to pull a restore on the machine! Ah well, sometimes you just have to learn the hard way...

Hmmm... That's pretty much how I've learned what I do here...


Man, did it rain yesterday afternoon! They'd been telling us a storm was coming through and was maybe going to drop an inch of rain, but they didn't mention it was all going to happen in the space of a few hours...

The day started slow with some cloud buildup, but it never seemed to progress much. ...and that's the way things went all morning and into the afternoon; we'd have sun and clouds and clouds and sun. About 1500 that all changed: the sky went almost night black, the winds kicked up to "idiot reporter out in the storm" levels and the rain just poured. ...and by the time I took that shot on the blog, we had roads closed to two of the mountain communities (North and Northeastern), powerlines down and all sorts of flooded streets.

Maybe we'll see some Spring weather after all!


That snow shot on the blog is from Tuesday morning on the way to work. That storm I mentioned in yesterday's post dropped the snow level down very low in the areas to the North and East. I'd just turned the corner from our side street onto the main road when I saw what looked like a very low snowfall. All I had time to do was grab the camera and take one shot before I was into the traffic pattern. I kept hoping I'd get out and get over toward the hills, but the day didn't progress that way.

In health news, I'm still getting over whatever it is that took me on, and Brad's in the same boat. Shelley is betting we caught two concurrent somethings and that's why we're taking so long to clear. Daniel was out today with a GI thing and Shelley is fighting a cough. At this point we're all just hanging on for the weekend with hopes to just sleep through it! least that's the plan <g>!


Hey, whaddayaknow, sometimes things actually work! I have a custom 404 page set on this domain to try to trap the occasional error, and someone used it this week. Yeah! It seems this nice gal was looking for a picture I've linked to because some of my text is used there. The most recent post where I mentioned it had a bad link to the very first blog post. She followed the bread crumb trail and let me know. It was an easy fix and I was able to give her a little more information on the picture she was looking for.

In other site/domain news, please let me know if images start giving you any problems from the .net; I'm making some changes this weekend to the files that prevent hotlinking. If I have my act together correctly, you shouldn't see a difference here at all; if not, all sorts of things might happen (the .com and .org are not affected).

...and have a good day there in Sommerset County!


Ah, just hours away! What? The weekend, silly! Yeah, peace and quiet and sleep and...

Oh, you don't believe that? You think Herself has the weekend all planned out? All three days of it (for 'them'; I work Monday)? Hmmmm.... Yeah, you'd be correct <g>!

Maybe I can slip some time in to play catchup...


Man, it's a bright sunny day here!!! least it turned out that way after the winds blew the fog away. ...and it's still cold, but you can see the signs of Spring in the distance; the daffodils are starting to poke through even on the gardens with a northern exposure.

...and I'm still not over this whatever it is I have. Sudafed it keeping things somewhat tolerable, but I think this weekend will be devoted to sleep when I can manage it.

I mean, when the meds aren't keeping me awake!


From John Dominik:

"...and it's still cold"

Define, please, Cold. ;-)

Ah, you mean "California Cold" rather than "true, Mid-Western Cold", where tunnels through the Lake Effect snow are more efficient than plowing? ...or perhaps "Canadian Cold, the kind where you can't go outside without protective breathing gear for fear of freezing a lung?

"California Cold": a terrible weather pattern when more than thirty minutes outside in shorts and a tank top makes you think about putting on a regular T-shirt. ...or when a walk to the mailbox (five houses) requires shoes (that's the adult rating; kids can manage an entire block before turning back).

"Jackets? We don't need no steenking jackets!"

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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