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Yep, a "homework weekend" for sure... That means not much else got done from Friday night to Sunday night other than shuttling kids to events (one all-nighter and one basketball camp), cross-checking homework assignments, and putting together bits and pieces of what passes as 'book reports' at the elementary school level here.

Then again, we were lucky to have the weekend to play catchup from the kids being sick and falling behind. ...and it took most of Saturday afternoon to watch that one movie three times!

So, let's see how this week flies <g>!


Ummm... If you're waiting until Wednesday to run LiveUpdate for Norton AV (or whatever brand of AV you have on your Windows machine), it might be a good idea to move your schedule up a bit... There's a new virus loose and it's already raising some problems...

My first clue showed up yesterday evening when my public account received kickbacks from two .edu accounts (Hello, Boston!) letting me know my emails to their subscribers contained a virus. Riiiight....

I say that because the account they kicked back to is my public account. ...and I only use that email address to reply directly from webmail (and AT&T's servers seem to be a bit secure from virii) or from the Linux server here... Yeah, like that.

So I dug a bit and it seems this little beastie is out and about. Yep, the usual self-contained SMTP server and the ability to yank email addresses from darned near anywhere on your machine. ...and according to one sysadmin, it's coming on strong.

Let's be careful out there...


Darn! I seem to have caught one of the kids' colds. Phooey. SO not my style... Ah well, it'll give me an excuse to kvetch and moan about things for a day or two...



Not much here... I went in to work to take care of a couple of "gotta' be's" and then came back home. I haven't found a med mix that makes me socially acceptable. ...and there's a fever messing with my mind also.

Such is life...


No work, no post; livin' on 7Up and Sudafed... I know there's a song there, but I don't want to take a chance on ripping off the Dead...

Maybe when I feel better <g>...


Better, thank you... I didn't try for too much today; I was trying to keep my goal-setting habits from getting the better of me.

So far I'm not too disappointed...


Better still... Today while Shelley and Daniel were out and about (church, shopping, lunch), Brad and I wandered out a bit on our own. I figured a slow walk in some fresh air might do us some good since we've both spent too much time inside blowing our noses...

...and yeah, after we loaded up with extra Kleenex and our camera gear, it was nice to get out in the overcast and wander around for a while.

Brad setting up a shot for desktop wallpaper

I'll see you next week!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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