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As noted over the weekend, albeit somewhat between the lines, I tried to take some time off from the usual routine and just detox a bit. Last week's move left me stiff and sore to say the least <g>! That was cleared up nicely though when I went blading after the game on Saturday! Yeah, getting out and stretching things out felt very nice.

...but not content to leave well enough alone, when we got home from church yesterday, I not only bladed but then went down to the field and hit balls to Brad for a hour to help him work in his new mitt. I suspect I'll be paying quite a penalty today one that one! ...and hey, Daniel came down on a homework break and acted as my 'catcher' so I didn't have to run as much. There's one for the books: all three of us playing the same game at the same time!

Well, it's catch-up day at work!


Back at the iMac ranch, I tried to get some time in this weekend to finish prepping the machine for duty at the coast. Things are more or less in place on the software side: last night's post and page flip here were done on that machine. ...but the dialup issue has me stopped for the moment. I've tried flipping the TCP/IP over from local ethernet to PPP, but I'm still getting the Remote Access errors. ...and since we have a coastal trip coming up fairly soon (weather determined: why travel if it stays mild here?), I don't want to go reinstalling too much and take a chance on hosing things.

So.... How's about I just color outside the lines for a moment? I have a spare Courier modem sitting on standby. And one of USR's broadband routers comes with a com port for a backup analog modem... So yeah, I set the backup as the primary and let the iMac stay on ethernet to connect. Yes, the other pieces of the puzzle belong in the garage, but hey, for the moment I'll lug them along as needed.

At least until I learn to speak Mac better...


I may not have a workable nerve left in my body. ...and I can think of eleven other parent pairs that are in the same shape. Here's the scoop: as we were coming up to bat in the bottom of the fifth of a six inning game, the score was 9-1. ...the wrong way. ...and we hadn't been through our order twice yet. Yeah, their pitching was that good.

We'll pause a moment for one of several highlights from our candidate for the longest inning ever played. I think I'll title it Waiting for the Call as Brad goes into third on a steal:

By the time we reached the bottom of the sixth to end the game, the score was 14-10. ...the right way! Yeah, they scored thirteen and held the other team to one to end it and maintain their undefeated season.

I'm a wreck...


Two days to go. Two days until the weekend. Six days left of school. I think. Please let it be so...

Yeah, like that...


Yeah. I am so darned ready for a few days of no school and no homework and no work (and yes, no travel even). I think the biggest deal we have planned is seeing Shrek II later today.

Yes, I have projects, but that's the key: I've been so burnt from work and homework that I really haven't had the time or even felt like working on them.

Maybe a little down time, -eh?


A lazy day here? We'll see... So far I have quite a list of things I'd like to do; we'll have to see how that survives contact with reality.

Have a good weekend; I'll be over at the other place...


Oh, man, thing started off slow yesterday, just blading and breakfast and a nap. ...but somehow in the afternoon I ended up in the garage cleaning like a manic (don't go there...) and didn't stop until 2230 or so.

...and today I woke up to find most of my body somewhat cramped up and my right elbow about locked. ...and then I remembered that slip in the water while blading Saturday morning that caused the onboard computer to fire the starboard steering rockets and extend the landing gear and deploy the inertial dampeners (in atmosphere, never a safe thing to do) and I figured getting out of bed and getting to church should probably be my goal for the entire day!

Just to let you know: I didn't overachieve...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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