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My commentary on the Moveable Type 3.0 Developer Edition and the resulting fallout? Well, 2.661 isn't broken for you so there's no rush to fix it, at least from my perspective. No, I don't use it, but I am a member of several sites that are affected by the limitations on the number of authors in 3.0. ...but that's 3.0, so what's the deal today, -eh?

Yes, when 3.0 comes out and if you want to upgrade, you'll have to make some decisions. The cost will be one item, and for those with multiple author blogs, that may be prohibitive. In the meantime, Six Apart has modified and clarified things a bit, so the solo blogger is still okay. ...other than that bit about "one URL". Yeah, that one would stop me.

...but hey, like I said above, if your current install was working yesterday, why does the announcement of an upgrade make it not work today? That's the "Detroit Plan", a new car every year just so you can keep current with the proper number of cup holders... Some people will be unaffected; others will have to pony up some serious bucks. ...but by then the latest offerings from TextPattern and WordPress will have shaken out. ...and those are just two of the freebies.

Nah, hang on a bit and see what happens...


It's going to be a long week at the office, and hence here, folks. I'm moving both my office and my assistant's (while she is out on a medical leave). We both packed up pretty much everything we could get to and still function last Thursday; yesterday I worked on getting some furniture, the phone, computer and tunes moved to my new place. That's all up and running, but I still have a lot of wires to tidy up.

If things stay quiet today, I'm planning on moving the boxed files and such over. ...and as soon as plant services can get the lateral file moved I can start the unboxing. I may do more on the wiring, but man, I'm feeling all sorts of rug burns on my elbows and knees...

More whining as the week continues <g>!


Day two of moving went well enough; I'm dead tired, but my electronics is all up and running and the infrastructure is nice and tidy.

...and all my stuff is in my new office. ...and all of Janeen's stuff is in her new office. ...but all of my stuff and all of her stuff is in boxes. ...which have to be unpacked. ...and put away. ...and in some cases 'evaluated' before the putting away thereof <g>.

Onward, ever onward...


I had a bit of a break yesterday in the moving routine: we had a barbeque at the office in honor of EMS week. That's cool, but that also means I needed to be available to handle emergency and fill runs as events warranted...

...and yep, I had two. One was a glorious snipe hunt that worked out very well and the other was a routine emergency (more soft drinks). ...and I'll have to get a picture for Sheila, Cecil and JHR of the grilling trailer we're using now; they were able to cook 150 pounds of tri-tip in an hour and a half. Now that is some cooking!

Did I mention the smoker that's attached?


One more day... At least that's the plan. Janeen's new office is in approximately the same state her old one was before she took time off. I think I'm done with that part of the show. She should be able to come back to work and put her personal stuff away and continue on with business as usual...

...which leaves my end of the swamp. That's pretty much under control too. Well, other than fifteen or so boxes whose contents need to go back into filing cabinets and shelves. ...and the artwork that needs to go on the walls. ...and the seven day backlog of "stuff" that needs catching up. ...but hey, almost, -eh?

It would be nice to get most of it today...


Done. ...and done in. There are no more boxes to be unpacked, just a dozen pieces of artwork to be hung and a week's backlog to get caught up on. ...but it's done. Cool...

Baseball today, and then plans to be made...


Yesterday's plans more or less hit a brick wall when I fell asleep after baseball, blading and brunch. ...but hey, sometimes you just have to kick back.

...and as to the game? 24-7 or so. Here's two of the runs:

Out of there!

Have a good Sunday!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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