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Well, it's the last week of school out here. ...and with grades turned in Friday we should have light evenings! least that's my hope; I have several projects I've fallen behind on, both web stuff and home stuff, and I'd like to get back to working on them.

...and with baseball over that means practices are also done, which frees up another evening or two. Of course I'm sure we'll fill in with something, but hey, the guys' "golf camp" is a daytime thing. Yep, once we're done with all the family birthdays and such in June we may actually be able to relax and start thinking about the beach!

And yes, that would be nice...


Hmmmm.... Something is happening with the weather out this way... When I went blading last night I ended up bucking some darned strong headwinds on the way back. ...and the 100's we've been having are supposed to give way to a 77 by Wednesday. Now what the heck is up with that?

If I see four horsemen, I'm outa' here...


Another short one here (oh, I have a floral question up on the blog if you are horticulturally inclined) as the week hits the midway point. The evenings should start returning to the relaxing (or at least "unscheduled") Summer schedule and I'll be able to mellow a bit.

Last night was the academic award ceremony at Daniel's junior high school; we attended. Yeah, straight "A's". I'm impressed. Sure, part of it is me going over the pre-algebra homework every night with him. ...and some is Shelley grilling him for his science tests. ...but things like the forty-six slide Power Point presentation with background music, voice over and custom graphics for History? Nope, no help here folks. Okay, I did pass along how you can show rain with diagonal lines on a drawing, but that was it. Nope, he pulled himself up by his own bootstraps.

Yep, worth the investment...


Ah, the end is nigh... Yep, last night had Brad out fishing with a friend and Daniel at a yearbook signing party. Tonight everyone is getting a good night's rest so they can enjoy the last day of school tomorrow...

...except me; I'll be at the DMV <g>!


...and while it's by no means a new record, it does herald the advent of Summer:

I'm crashed out in the recliner after a well earned (Hey, I worked all week and even went blading tonight) dinner of a sausage sandwich with a side of salsa con queso dip with chips (low-fat, of course). Daniel wanders in from spending the afternoon with his friends, feeds the cats, heats up some dinner (Shelley and Brad are off at a party) and then flops down on the next chair and announces, "There's nothing to do!"

Yep, Summer is here!


All in all a bit of a long day here. It started out plenty early and by mid-afternoon I was a bit out of steam. Still, Shelley's new blinds are up in the kitchen and a few other household things are now attended to...

I think I'll call it a night...


Not the best, but two shots of that BBQ trailer I mentioned a while back (click on the image for a larger pic):

I'll work up something a bit better when it's moved again...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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