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Yeah, the first week of summer vacation for the gang! So why the heck is everyone up early to get to golf camp by nine? Am I the only one who looks on a vacation as down time? Sheesh!

The good news for me though is that I can pretty much control when I want to get to work. ...and that lets me get home either early or late depending on whether it's a blading day or not. ...and of course the evenings! Yes, the evenings are more freed up and maybe I can play catchup.

Let's hear it for Summer!


Man, school is over and I'm still having math homework problems... I mean, like you subtract one kid to spending the night at a friend's house and you turn around to find you still have a full house? Oh, yeah, that's because while you were watching the one head off into the sunset to the west, another was heading into the homestead from the east... So yeah, I guess that explains the two ten year olds playing video games here at midnight!

Man, I need to get the subtraction thing going x 2!


Administrative note: Yep, Shelley's place is down and will likely be so for the near future. She was hosted at a free site that is simply no longer. The short version is that the owner could no longer maintain hosting services as a private party (it was part of a corporate system when we started her there), and he downed the server.

This isn't a huge thing on our end; Shelley hasn't had time to post for several months what with the boys' schoolwork and schedules and such. If she choses to come back on line, I'll be able to set her up at any of several locations and under a CMS that would be workable for her. For now, I've asked for her raw content to be passed our way so I can archive it locally. ...and I do have all the images that were used in the creation of her site and that were posted there.

We'll let you know what happens...


...busy here. Work has been a little too full and the end of the day has been signaling the 'end of the day'. I owe a bunch of emails; that's scheduled to be handled soonest. ...and I have a mini-picture series for the blog that I hope to get to.

But for now...


Hmmmm... Worked all day and then read a book most of the late evening after some family stuff...

Kinda' cool...


Kind of a low key day today... We made an 'executive decision' last night to have Father's Day today here in the land of the TimeSink. We're off to visit Shelley's brother's place to meet up with some relatives from Arkansas, and we figured why jam too much into the day.

So I kicked it a bit today, sleeping in and then taking a walk after I bladed (yes, another slew of photos <g>). ...and then I took it easy and read and napped and finally cooked dinner for the gang. Things worked out pretty nicely. I didn't get to some of the things I'd wanted to, but hey, that's how it is...

Happy Saturday!


Whew! A long, long day here: we're just now getting back into town and unwound from the afternoon festivities.

I'll have to play catchup later...

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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