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Back to work with me today... Nope, I'm not re-acclimated to the heat yet (it hit 101 yesterday), but when Daniel and I went out blading yesterday evening, it was at least workable. And my sleep cycle still needs some help, but hey...

Yeah, if you didn't catch that: I may have a partner for blading some days. Daniel is trying to get into some sort of exercise program while school is out. After much discussion between him Shelley about the practicalities of getting to a gym and the lack of room for home equipment, the subject of blading came up. I hauled him off to get him a set of "real" blades, something with a soft upper shell, decent wheels and ABEC 5 bearings.

We found him a real nice set of Roller Blade brand blades, something not so easy when you have a tweener growing like a weed. ...and as the day wound down I took him out on a bit of a tuneup run so he could see the difference between medium level and top level blading. He did so well that our little jaunt turned into one of my short routes. ...and he found out that a workout didn't have to be "uphill, against the wind, in the snow, both ways" all the time.

Yeah, that worked out real well...


Well, work was full and will be all week, but it wasn't half bad. There are several projects that need to be dealt with, but nothing that cannot be handled.

The weather is another matter! Welcome home: 105 yesterday when I got home. Yeah, no blading in that! ...but the one report says it will be cooling later in the week, so maybe. ...and then there's the air quality problem: a couple of fires, one of either side of the valley, are really throwing smoke into the skies. Here's hoping they can get them contained soon.

...and back to it!


Gah, there's a sleepover in progress here this evening. Actually there are two simultaneous sleepovers in progress...

Anyone think I'm going to get any work done?


Let me put it like this: I locked the one cat (the one with no liver) up with Shelley and me so the other cats wouldn't bother her or her food. I figured the two male cats would have a good time out with the boys during the sleepover. That was at 0100...

This morning around 0700 when I opened our door to go make coffee (after getting showered and dressed quietly so as not to wake Shelley), both the other cats were waiting right at the door to get some peace and quiet and sleep...

And yes, the boys were all awake and playing video games...


...but one nap when I got home and I was good to blade as the evening cooled off here last night. So, tired though I was, I still managed to get some exercise in. Now to make it through today and into the weekend.

...although I here that's pretty full too!


Birthdays are abounding this weekend! Well, at least two: Shelley and I went over to my sister's last night for my brother in law's birthday. We always have an interesting time when we go over there; we met some new people and I took several pictures you'll see this weekend (the birdhouse on the blog today is one)...

...but just a little closer to home, today Shelley chalks up another one. If you have a moment, drop her a line <g>!

I'll catch you later...


Thank you to those who asked! Shelley had a very nice day yesterday. She started the morning out low key on the patio reading the paper; and when her brother called a little later, Daniel and I went blading and then to the card shop (yeah, it's been a bit busy this week) and then to the pizza place where there was a birthday party for a friend of his. In the meantime, one of Brad's friend's parents had picked Brad up and hauled him off to their place to kick back a bit and play...

That was good enough for me to get Shelley out of the house and out to lunch By Ourselves for the first time in forever! ...and then off for some 'kid free' shopping so we could talk about stuff without interruptions. Cool...

...and then I went and picked up Brad to take him by the card shop to go home and wrap a couple of things and get Shelley and go pick up Daniel across town from where his party ended up to go to Grandma's for a birthday dinner for Shelley. Yeah, a bit hectic. ...and on the way home, she suggested maybe we should just sleep in and go to second service today <g>.

So we did...

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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