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Whew... I'm having one heck of a time of it this year with the heat. ...or maybe it's the humidity? Brad and I planted some flowers yesterday and I'm sure that was steam I saw rising from the pool when I got in to cool off and clean it!

...but the flowers got into the ground (giant, huge, European dahlias, pics later), and the pool got cleaned (the hard way, but we're a bit behind this year) and the patio furniture is looking okay again (thanks to Daniel's efforts there) so we'll call it a good Sunday overall.

Now to see what this week holds...


Daniel discovered the reality of why we call her the Snail Lady last night. Oh, he knew in the abstract from Brad's and my stories of when we drop by her place to take pictures, but there is just that gap between theoretical knowledge and coming around the corner and into the minefield...

The good news was that all that was left after a long sunny day were empty shells. ...and not too many of them.

...but I'm pretty sure I heard a "Yuck" behind me at one point <g>!


Oh, heck. I never uploaded the redirector (thanks, Deb), so I've been posting and you've been not seeing, which in the overall scheme of things probably ends up a null set. ...but for those who are following the saga here <g>, we'll keep on plugging away!

...and plugging away was what I ended up doing until 2200 last night! I'd picked up a gazebo to put on the north patio to try to create a bit of an 'outdoor room'. The concept looks to be a good one; I can add in fans and water misters and lighting and give us a way to get outside for meals and to entertain except when the weather is too hot (or too cold, but I think I've found a firepit that will work for that <g>). ...but the doing of the gazebo erection was darned interesting: the packaging was excellent, but the instructions were something straight out of the classic "Mangled English Insert coneector peace into ;jZJa frammit". Man...

...and then there was the minor deal where you have to get the roof framing up and in place but then have to add coneector rods from the apex to the corners. Yeah, that was only 'topped' by the bit where you put the top cover on but then were supposed to assemble the vent cap above it. ...without the use of a crane.

But it's done. Now for the morning light...


Hmmm... Yeah, things turned out okay! I'll have to post a pic or two. ...after I get things accessorized a bit <g>.

...and I did find a firepit on clearance, but I just couldn't find it in me to set it up last night. I mean, when I have to wait to blade until the outside temp is down to 100? Yeah, no firepit...

...but I did manage to trim up the palm tree. This is probably the last time I'll be able to use the step ladder on the darned thing. The next round looks to be with the extension ladder. Yeah, maybe a pic there too?

...and the end of the work week approaches!


Yes, you read correctly on the blog; we were at another Friday night party. That is news enough (me getting out of the house), but Shelley and the boys have been at the coast with Grandpa most of the week...

...and they blew back into town yesterday around 1400 with Daniel scheduled to be at a kid's party at 1500. ...and Brad and Shelley (and evidently me) scheduled to be at another party at 1600. Yeah, just a little tight on the timing there...

...but Daniel made it to his sleepover and the three of us made it to the other one and the evening went rather well considering the heat and such.

...and yes, it is nice to have them home!


Well, I think I managed to overdo it a bit this week... I worked on that gazebo one evening and trimmed twenty or so fronds off a palm tree another. Then Friday I bladed and worked outside and inside until the gang got home. ...and partied out in the heat.

...and then this morning I let Brad talk me into him helping me finishing the rest of the accessory put-together on the gazebo after I came back from blading. Ummm... No, that didn't seem like the great idea it did then when we went out shopping later. I think I've had a little too much heat exposure. ...other than the obligatory garbage and recycling duties tomorrow, I think I'll take the day off from outside work.

Yeah, yeah... No bets, here either...


No post...

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indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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