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Yesterday I just attempted to stay inside and load up on fluids as much as I could. I'm hoping I didn't get too far behind as I have some work related stuff this week that's going to involve being out and about. I did try one trip out with Daniel and that more or less worked; but when he and I did the Sunday night garbage routine, I ended up in the shower for a while cooling off.

I think I'll stay low key this week...


Good grief, 105 here again today and now we're getting the smog that shows up with extended days of 100-plus temps. There's some hope for winds to show up around Wednesday to cool the place down a bit, and I'll take that: my choices are to get up at 0500 to blade by sunup or wait until nearly sundown. Yeah...

...and the coast? We may have to go back soon; but when it's doing the 105 thing here, over there is cold and foggy. Then again, you're not melting just from taking the garbage out <g>...

We'll see how the schedule goes...


Oh, man... When will I learn? Last night Daniel was off in one direction and Shelley was off in another. I told Brad he could have a friend and the friend's brother over...

Okay, I was going for the 'let them entertain each other so I wouldn't have to' thing. ...and it worked out okay; they all headed out to the pool for a while and I cracked a window so I could listen to the non-noisy times (note to non-parents: when it's noisy, things are okay; when it's quiet, something is happening you'll want to check on...). I didn't have to check up much, and at one point I rinsed all the dishes and started the dishwasher while I was watching...

They came in shortly after that and started in on a video game. Then Daniel showed up and they decided to go to one of the Mario Brothers games so all four of them could play. Whatever the object of the game was somehow made a left turn because soon they were working on the most spectacular way to die (the pink bubble gum seemed to be the most fun). ...and as they got better and better at it, the noise level (game and kids) went up astronomically! Shelley checked in at one point to ask how thing were going; my reply was to tell her that I'd gone over and sat by the running dishwasher because it was the quietest place in the house...

Yeah, my nerves are a bit shot today...


I seem to be getting back into the heat a bit better... Last night I bladed for the first time since Saturday and today the Costco run didn't seem to bother me too terribly much...

...but I still took the night off and sat down and watched a movie with guys while Shelley was out with a friend. I figure Saturday morning will be soon enough to push it hard again.

Hey! It's almost the weekend!


Whoohoo, am I ready for some unstructured time!!! Welcome to the weekend, where there's lots to do, but plenty of distractions to make sure you won't get it all done. No, wait, that sounds way too much like work!



Well... Yeah, I slept in a whole hour and then went off to blade before the coffee even had time to take hold <g>! ...and for all my griping about the state of the back yard gardens, I managed to get them into pretty good shape in about an hour. ...and work on the gate. ...and do some transplanting.

...but it's still hot here (even though it's cooling down to 100 this week), so I packed it all in a little after noon and cooled off in the pool. ...but it seems I may have still done a bit much: as soon as I finished breakfast/brunch/whatever and sat down for a moment ... well ... yeah, I woke up three hours later.

I may have to try that again Sunday!


Kickin' it today... Plans call for reading, working on some electronics, getting one web site into draft form, working on another (converting artwork designed for tables into a CSS format; it should be interesting) and generally staying out of the heat...

...except to grill the steaks Shelley bought!

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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