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So far Fedora Core 2 is working fine! As time permits I'm adding in and bringing up the programs I usually use; so far there haven't been too many surprises. ...and I still have to relink the third machine, but that can wait for a bit.

In other news, the street in front of the house is going to be trenched this month. Oh, joy, more dust and such. The new development just to the north triggered off the expansion of the storm drains; that'll involve about a quarter mile of our street being dug up and about a mile of the main street to the south getting the same treatment.

It'll all be cool, unless it rains...


Briefly: connectivity from the house may be down at times while the trench work progresses. I'd expect no more than a day here and there...

Details as events permit; film at eleven...

Hmmm... It must be eleven...

Getting started on Monday

Off to a good start...


They're zipping right along on the roadwork; they opened several hundred feet of trench yesterday and poured about two-hundred feet of "cast in place". ...and we're able to get in and out of the house, but we're more or less 'four-wheeling' it today:

Hard packed though...



One less...

Mike Barkman, a fellow Daynotes Gang member and a frequent blog commenter to the larger blogosphere passed on Tuesday evening in Rotorua, NZ.

Icarus Ascending...


Work continues apace...

Over a quarter mile of work done by yesterday...

...and I've been under the weather with a cold for the last few days. Here's looking to the weekend!

...catch you later!


I know it wasn't the brightest idea to head off to a high school football game what with having a cold and all; but hey, the boys' cousin was coming into town to play and I didn't figure that was something I should miss. ...and since his team was a Division V team heading ninety miles down the road to play a Division II team (one that regularly takes on Division I teams and holds its own), I figured, "Why not?" ...and since it was homecoming for the local school too?

Oh, heck, I'd forgotten all about Thursday and Friday nights at a high school field, the sun setting and the air cooling off nicely, parking on the baseball field and walking across the first base line to the football field, the tents selling home cooked tacos and burritos, the standby ambulance (man, we've done our share of those), and the hard, hard seats on the away team's side <g>! ...and yeah, my enthusiasm for the sport: I didn't last five minutes before I was shouting along with the crowd as the away gang started in on demolishing the local teams plans for league domination.

Other highlights: the sound system going out about half way through the priest's invocation from the press box. ...and him realizing it and stepping up his own volume loud enough to be heard our side of the field (there's a perspective pic on the blog). ...and much later, Chris making a come-from-behind tackle and having his name mentioned over the now-working PA system.

Yeah, quite an evening...


Still under the weather... I spent most of the day reading...

I'll catch you next week!

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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