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Well, the blasted book report is done (and turned in by now); perhaps the household can return to some semblance of normal... Sheesh... I have to say these 'projects' take something out of us, but that could be because we tend to go after them rather intensely <g>...

Weatherwise, we passed through the weekend with only a hint of rain, but with the temps down into the mid-sixties at best; that's quite a drop from the mid-nineties a few weeks back. If it holds, maybe the trees around here will finally catch on and turn a few leaves in time for Halloween. I mean, it just doesn't seem right to have the end of October in sight and not have the wind blowing leaves down the street...

Happy Monday, all!


Last night's blading may be it for a day or two; there's another storm arriving today that's expected to keep the temperatures below normal and the area wet for at least a day.

...and it was good to get out after work and work out for a while; I took the weekend off from much of the usual routine and I'm hoping the enforced recovery time will help springboard this week a bit (it's a bit full, schedule wise).

...and speaking of projects: yes, I am a bit behind on the one I alluded to and emailed about over the weekend; I decided I wanted to use my base layout for the "walks", but I also decided that I wanted to redo and simplify the CSS there. That entire series is CSS driven, but I think I can make the behind the scenes work a lot easier for me. So... Yeah, I'll get it done...

Remember: TimeSink, -right?


Last night was one of those long ones for parents: we had a school function to attend that started about the time we're normally winding down homework and starting the nightly routine. ...but it turned out rather well, so the late hour we all got to bed worked out okay.

...and also working okay once again? The Warlock! Yep, JHR is back! For those of you who remember him, no explanation is needed; for those who haven't run across him commenting on your site, well, this quote from his masthead pretty much will give you the flavor:

Paul Krugman, Economist

Read on at your own risk; he will challenge you...


Whew... This is a short week for me and it's turning out to be a good thing; I think I need a bit of a break!

Well, the break isn't scheduled for me; there's some dental work for one of the boys lined up in the morning and I'm the designated driver. ...but hey, if things go well I'll have some down time later in the day.

Catch you then!


No post

Nope, fine; just busy...


Yep, this weekend has gotten away from me a bit. ...and I'm not pushing back on it at all; I've had no energy ever since we got back from the oral surgeon yesterday and it's time to listen to the old body and brain a bit...

...of course that didn't keep me from blading earlier today, but I did pay the price of needing a nap this afternoon. ...and that took away the time I had planned for working on resetting the equipment in the workstation. ...and working on a site project (I'll get to it, girl!). ...and working on the thing I've supposed to have been working on all week.

...and ... well, it's only one day, -eh?


Well... Considering the load of work I had lined out for myself coming into the weekend, I'm kinda' glad I can drop the 'goal oriented' approach at times. ...'cause nothing on the task list I keep in Evolution got done. Nada. Zip. Nunca.

...and that's just how it goes some days. Lots of other, more essential (read: "family") things got handled. ...and some enforced rest too.

...but hey <g>!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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