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Let's just start last week over, -neh? least the non-job related and non-upkeep/maintenance/household routine things, okay? Sheesh, talk about a week and a weekend that never got untracked on things planned and promised. I think I'll just start again and move forward...

Lessee'... I have a client site to put together, a follow-up on that Network Attached Storage I teased with a week or so back, a presentation of sorts for a few people (things are changing again, gang; it may be a slide show now), and the partridge needs his cage cleaned again (just in time for the holidays)...

Hmm... I guess I'd better get started...


Halloween? Oh, okay... We headed off to church. Daniel's been old enough (and so inclined) to help the last year or so. ...and Brad is old enough to not want Mom and Dad following him around (he knows his marching orders: win Shelley a cake at the cake walk!) and was planning on hooking up with a couple of friends from school. That sounded cool enough to us; I mean, a chance to hang out together? Sure!

So we did <g>! ...and chatted with people and watched a couple of pastor types end up in the dunk tank (outside, temps in the fifties; those guys were whacked!) and ate dinner and chatted and walked around and... Yeah, a nice relaxing night for a change. I think the highlight was a split between the toddler in the elephant costume and the pony from the petting zoo in a cow mask...

So yeah, a nice evening out together for a change...

Wednesday lux perpetua luceat eis.

Back tomorrow...


...a day off today. Shelley and I are going to go out to breakfast and then maybe out to do some shopping. ...or maybe I'll just geek out at home after a nap.

Call it an annual thing...


Hey, this is interesting! After breakfast yesterday, Shelley and I headed off to Sam's Club for some grocery shopping (for Shelley) and a general browse (for me; I'm thinking of shifting some corporate stuff that way). One of the items in the tech area was a USB card reader...

Whoohoo, advertising  to the fringe?

Hmm... Kinda' mainstream, -neh?


A read and sleep day...

Yep, I'm still trying to kick the cold that had been passing through the house. I bladed this morning, but even that was a bit much for what my body wanted, so I low-keyed the rest of the day and just read and napped. I'm about to continue the trend as soon as I get a pic posted on the blog...

Have a good evening...


I was just thinking about that cold/whatever that passed through the family this past week and how it missed Brad. ...and then I got to thinking about whether it did miss him?

I mean, Shelley was a bit miserable but functional enough to work, Daniel missed a day of school but decided he could go back the next day because it was a workable, and I worked through it with just a lot of lethargy and nose blowing. ...but Brad is such a fast moving, free spirit it occurs to me he may have had the blasted thing and never noticed! I have to wonder...

Ah well, we're all sounding better...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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