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Well, I'm thoroughly torqued at Norton once again... It's been a few years; we've been getting along okay for a while now. The last time was when their "Suite" (no, not the "Internet Suite", their Swiss Army Knife suite from a few years back) locked up an NT system here. This time it was their AV-2005 and the Win2k box...

I'd let my subscription to AV-2004 expire and I couldn't find my subscription number to be able to update. ...and heck, I think it was really the 2003 version applied in 2004 and why not just move up to 2005, -eh? ...only the Live Update decided to update the installer program (Norton WMI?) when I manually ran it to check on things. Okay, that was likely the mistake. ...but I didn't know that and tossed 2005 on the box. Coolness as usual; things 'just worked' and everything looked okay. ...until I tried to access a memory card from the camera through my USB card reader. No go! Ummm... This would be a bad thing for a guy that runs a photoblog...

Hokay, we'll try rebooting and a few other things. No go. Okay, maybe it needs SP4 which I kinda' sorta' hadn't gotten around to applying yet? (...and yeah, mounting the card reader on the Linux box was getting to be a good option; I'm just lazy in that I know PhotoShop Elements and I haven't learned the GIMP all that well yet.) ...only there will be no installation from the SP4 CD that I brought in this summer because the CDROMs aren't working any better than the card reader's slots! Everything is showing up in Explorer correctly, but trying to access any drive gives me a 'this volume isn't formatted' error. WT?

Well, I know it's Norton, so I yanked it. No go. Live Update? No go. That WMI updater it installed? Yeah, that was it. Whew. I get my USB reader drives and my CDROM drives back.

So the question is what was going to happen if I re-installed Norton. ...and if I'd lose my drives again (oh, and the one USB HDD that's directly attached to the system was accessable throughout!). ...and I'd already lost way too much time on all the reboots involved. Man...

And then to top it all off I threw SP4 on...


(Crossover) After getting into work early enough yesterday to be able to leave early enough to blade, I re-thought things on the way home and decided my body had had enough of a workout over the weekend...

...and since the fog was trying to reclaim the territory it had been forced to abandon at mid-day, I figured a walk around around the block on a bit of a photo tour would be less stressful on my body and much more relaxing to my mind.

Yeah, like that...


Me? Not much, how about you? The last two nights I've worked up posts just before and just after dinner; and while that is a bit of a push, it does free me up a bit more after homework is done. The upshot was some site work (melding a tables-based design template into Moveable Type) and an update to a site for someone whose computer is hosed. So yeah, there's not much here, but things are getting done...

I'll take it...


Yesterday one of my co-workers was in my office going over some restock changes when he asked what I was listening to. "Christian Alternative Speed Ska. I'm using it to slow myself 2 down..."

(Yesterday's playlist was all old "Willie"; most people know to just stay out of my office when that stuff's on...)

Blading, some days an essential...


Let the weekend arrive, please!!! Yesterday started off with the words, "I need someone to take me to school..." Umm... Not good, not good at all! Can you say Catastrophic Alarm Failure? <sigh>

We'd had a power failure Wednesday morning, enough to trigger off the UPS's and mess with all the clocks. Evidently we missed resetting the clock by the bed... Hoo boy. of those times I'm glad I'm married to a 'morning person'. Yep, he made it; heck, I even made it to work...

One more day...


Yeah, they were end zone seats. ...and yes, I'd forgotten that with evening football you have to allow the numbness from the cold to take hold before you can ignore it. ...and for sure, all four of us had a grand time!

You can click the picture for an overview...

54-17, that made it even better!


Lessee'... Got up, the dsl was down, went to church, the dsl was back up, ate, napped, did a small groups thing, came home...

Yeah, I'm done...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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