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Yep, short posts this past weekend, but that's how it goes when the days are pretty much booked up going in. ...and we'll be seeing something similar coming up later in the week: Thursday and Friday are pretty much "pre-programmed" around here <g>. Oh, yeah...

...and since I'm more or less out of sync on email, I'll update just a touch here on the latest with the anti-virus routine: last Friday I threw Grisoft's AVG Free edition against the Win2K box.

Well? There's not too much to say; it just worked. So last night I tried it on Shelley's Win98 machine (since the kids are using it for Net access for Christmas lists and she won't be on Linux until after Christmas). Same deal; it appears to 'just work'. Sure, time will tell, but so far things seem to be working okay. Well, other than SP4 seems to have messed with the ZoneAlarm install on the Win2k box...

Another week another project <g>!


...and Day Two of a short week is here. Hmmm... More or less the "Hump Day", -neh? ..and since yesterday turned out to be a rather full day at work, I was more than happy to have arrived early enough to be able to get home in time to blade. ...and to catch a sunset. ...and to realize there was a Monday night game on with no homework!

Small pleasures...


One to go... I'll have to play email catchup later today or ... yeah. Last night became a "movie night (The Incredibles) and that turned into a later night than planned.

Yeah, well...

(Update, 1600+/-)

Off work for four days...

Yeah, I needed that...


Happy Thanksgiving! It's an "over the river and through the woods" kind of day here. I'll check back in this evening, but for now I'm kickin' it with the family...

Enjoy your day!


"Black Friday" to the retail staff, "Freedom Day" to Shelley (freedom from the kids and me, a thirteen year tradition), "Attic Day" to Brad (one of only two days in the year where he is allowed in the attic), and "Light Day" to me... Oh, not "light duty", rather "light duty", wherein the outside Christmas lights go up...

...and since last year, I finally have helpers! ...with Brad working some of the attic routine to bring things down, and both he and Daniel helping with the outside work. ...and we've roped one of Daniel's friends into helping too! I have some serious hopes we'll be able to cut the time down some on this deal...

Pics when I have some...


Rarely have I been so darned happy to wake up to rain on a weekend morning. ...and wind and more rain and ... well, there was just no way in heck I could manage to go blading. ...and after my usual doin's on Black Friday, that was just fine with me!

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Merry Christmas from the Griswolds...


By way of clarification, "Burner Covers" are decorative covers for your kitchen stove. Well, perhaps not yours, but certainly ours...

The full set...

Oh, yes, I'll have more as the season progresses...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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