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Yesterday we ended up at the boys's godmother's house for an Easter brunch. It's about the only time of the year I can get 'deviled eggs' and that cheesed up potato casserole she makes <g>! The guys did okay as far as loot went, but one bonus for me was to watch Daniel help his three year old cousin search for eggs. Yeah, every so often he just comes through...

...and today the boys are off from school and I'm off from work. The rains started in not long after we got home last night; that should make for a decent 'inside day' for me. ...and the guys have games to play. ...and Shelley can chill and read a book.

Yep, maybe a kick back day...


Back to work and back to both a 'short week' and the last week of the fiscal year. Yep, that means year-end work is coming up starting with inventory Friday morning. Oh, yeah, you'll hear me griping about that as the week progresses <g>!

...and you may hear more griping from other quarters about the rains. Yeah, they came in Sunday night pretty hard and then spent all of Monday morning coming and going and blowing horizontally and generally being unpredictable, but now the one forecast says there's more due in today? ...and that's literally from out of the blue. WT?

Ah, well...


Some nights you just go to bed early and read...

That was last night.


Well, here's the game plan for some of the changes on the Timesink: after much discussion (okay, unilateral for the most part, but with some interesting feedback from newcomers to the place), Sheila and I have decided that the current menagerie (often described as "falling down the rabbit hole" if you enter through my portal) simply has to go. It's too convoluted to keep track of for regular readers ("Hey, I just found this section I didn't know you had!", and it's just too difficult to understand what is going on for people dropping in. So...

Plan "A": the blog expands to 1024 wide from the current 800; this really shouldn't have a huge impact on the 800x600 crowd as my max width on a photo is still planned for around 700 pixels. ...but the current practical limit with the code we're using is 525 pixels and that's just too small for some of the shots I'd like to be able to put up.

Daynotes (these pages) stay the same. They're designed to be a 'quick and dirty' load, even on a PDA. I'll work on keeping the tech stuff here (when I have time for it); and most of family stuff and the day to day updates like this one will also stay here. I'll also keep loading anything I deem of interest here into the RSS feed.

"Everything else." Yeah, Sheila's developed a third entry point into the TimeSink; this one will be the central repository for the Walks, Blading stories, Tales from the Streets, Cemetery blogging, slide shows, photo prose, writings, favorites, galleries, speciality pieces, splash pages and just everything else that ends up frothing over in my brain.

...and yes, this is long overdue, especially to some long suffering readers who like to keep up with things. The index page for "Views" will have the latest piece from each category posted in blog fashion; one quick look will put you up to date. ...and I'll likely send you that way from the blog or here as new pieces are posted.

Big doin's comin'; please stand by!


Let's keep it simple today. April Fools Day or not, today is also the day we have to pull inventory on the Central Supply Room, the warehouse, the remote office and the units. Anyone expecting civil behavior, emails or phone calls returned, or general jolly times will just have to hang on until we're done and the auditor signs things off (we won't mention the next few weeks of hilarity as Janeen and I attempt to add pricing and sense to the raw numbers).

Let's just get through today <g>!


Well, we made it through the physical count portion of things just fine. ...and the people we had helping us just really made it work well. Yeah! Now for the part where we collate all the information and line out all the prices. That'll take some time over the next week or so, but hey, we're trained professionals <g>!

...but we're nothing but blithering amateurs this afternoon: the company is throwing a bowling party and we're heading on over to try our hands at it. Yep, all four of us. It's been years for me, and most of that was sitting behind the players sipping something cold. Still, it's a good way to get out and have some fun together both as a family and as a company...

I'll let you know how it goes!


Filed under "How dumb was that?", sub filed as "What a blast!" will be the bowling gig from yesterday evening. About fifty of us showed up for one heck of a delicious chicken and tritip dinner and then bowled three games. Man, it's been an easy thirty years since I bowled. Hooo boy. This morning is going to be interesting <g>!

...but yeah, we all had a great time!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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