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As if the bowling thing wasn't enough on our bodies (yep, count all four of us in on that), the time change took a little bit out too. ...but then after church we ended up going to a festival that essentially kicks off the start of rodeo season locally.

Oh, yeah, legs already shot, tired to boot, but we managed several hours walking up and down the streets of downtown looking at an amazing amount of things that we absolutely didn't have to have <g>! ...and then we found the food court and headed in to check it out. Daniel stayed with the traditional corn dog, but Shelley tried out an Indian taco and I went for a sausage sandwich from Bushrods (I use their rubs on my tritip roasts). Brad ended up with some huge ol' fruit drink in a glass as long as his arm and then later some orange chicken from a place we've always meant to try on one of our nights out.

...and we hit about every 'wheel of chance' we could find! I'm pretty sure Shelley can get an entire lunch from one of the local Wendy's restaurants. ...and we almost had tickets to the local Triple-A team's game, but a baseball hat for a kid seemed more practical.

...and I managed a few pictures, including one of a funnel cake to tie in with one of Sheila's posts. No, I didn't have one, but I'm thinking at the County Fair in October I'll forgo the sandwich and go for a funnel cake then...

Hmmm... Maybe the rains will keep me inside and let me rest today...


Well, the rains blew in around midnight Sunday, and I mean "blew" in! The noise from the wind and the rain was enough to wake Shelley up from a sound sleep. ...and to keep me awake reading for a bit to listen for telltale noises of things flying about!

...but Monday dawned clear but cold; there was nary a cloud in the sky. ...but the system left darned near a freeze in its wake. I'm thinking this is just one more example of the crazy weather we've been having ever since Autumn. I mean, I see both 80F and 68F as highs for later this week!

Consistency? What's that?


Man, I sure wish Shelley was still blogging! Yesterday would have been one of those posts that she used to do so well: one of those days that starts out so routine and then breaks down into such a mess that you're just amazed you're still in one piece by the time it finally settles down...

Seriously, I cannot do it justice...


I'm home today. Daniel is down with some sort of nasty sore throat thing. Shelley's had him in to the pediatrician and that MD had a slew of bloodwork and such done; all of which came back negative. ...and Shelley's locked into a field trip out of town with Brad's class today, and that leaves me here to work with the pediatrician's office to try to get Daniel into the ENT for further evaluation...

...and in the meantime, I think I'll be productive and try to finish up as much as I can of the new box I'm building up for work. That should occupy me between phone calls from the docs and phone calls from the office for the stuff I'll be handling there.

It should be an interesting day..


"Interesting" was a good choice of words. in the old curse, "May you live in interesting times" <g>. The day got going with winds and rain which pretty much ruled out blading, and then the office chimed in with some priority stuff (have I ever mentioned how much I value my assistant?). ...and then the pediatrician's office came back with "The first ENT appointment we can get is June 22" and come see us instead and we'll see what we can do.

Oh yeah, let's hear it for Friday!


It's going to be one of those weekends!!! It started last night with Brad's AAU basketball team being in a tournament where their game started at 2000. ...and it will continue today with games at 1600 and 2100! Yeah, 2100 for ten year olds! ...and then maybe another game on Sunday, except we have a LaserQuest session booked for a birthday party for him in mid-afternoon. Oh, and another party for a friend of Shelley's and mine to make an appearance at later today. ...before the first basketball game.

Need a score card <g>?


The weekend so far:

Driving for the basket...

That's pretty much been the focus. Today we're changing the pace a bit and going to LazerQuest this afternoon and then out to dinner. Brad turns eleven tomorrow...

Yeah, 'just yesterday' and all that...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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