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Whew! What a roller coaster ride this last weekend turned out to be. Good grief. ...but we did manage to have a good Mother's Day for Shelley in addition to the other mothers in our lives here, and that was a very good thing. Well, other than the rain that showed up once again; she's getting a little tired of that <g>!

...but the rain should keep me inside playing catch up with things at work today. ...and since I have some projects due, I think that will work out okay for me.

Have a good week, everyone!


Man, the wind just kicked my tail this evening <g>... It's a bit of a clue when the leaves ahead of you are moving faster than you are on the downwind leg. Yeah, that bodes poorly for the upwind leg... Then again, was more than ready for a good workout after the last few days...

Oh, and the bear? That was at the restaurant where we ate down in Hanford Saturday: the place is called the Black Bear and features a bear motif (-doh). I found that guy sitting on a dining stool as we left. It seems they keep a glass of iced tea in front of him too.

Life in California...


Oh, yeah, we didn't last long at all <g>:

Meet Mocha and Zoe.
Photo courtesty of Brad Bowman

Details when I have a moment...


Yes, yes, insanity is a requirement for living at Chez TimeSink. ...but that's a given <g>. The two tykes you see above came from a rescue shelter that we've donated to in the past. We'd had a couple of offers of free kittens and saw a few in the paper on Sunday, but 'free' isn't 'free' when you're integrating kittens in with older cats: there are shots to be taken care of and spaying and other little tidbits that can add up quite quickly. ...and a chance call to the shelter gave us an 'out the door' price far, far less than any of our local vets would charge. So off I went on Monday to see what they had in the way of kittens.

Mocha and Zoe (so named within hours of coming home) are litter mates. When I met Shelley and the boys and drove them by the shelter, Daniel took and immediate liking to the grey while Brad thought the black one was just all sorts of playful. ...and so they came home with them.

...and when I got home from work a few hours later, the house already had 'kitty toys', named kittens, two very torqued older cats (who are calming down slowly) and two matches made in Heaven: Daniel's Zoe is as mellow as he is and spends much of her time asleep with him while he does homework or on Shelley's shoulder; Brad's Mocha can only be described as hyper-kinetic and is an ideal match for Brad's constant need to play.

So, yeah, so far, so good!


Whoo boy! TGIF to the absolute max! ...although the first basketball game is at 1700 this evening, which means I need to split from work and head over there right away. ...and Saturday's first game is at 0800, which is just flat not nice at all to those of us who are SOOOO not 'morning people' <g>! Ah, well; if I understand the bracket postings correctly, we're either going to play only one more game Saturday morning or one game Sunday morning. That could work out okay...

...and for those who missed the update and answer to "Morning butterfly" on the blog, I posted it as a Flash file over on Views.

Have a good Friday!


Well, up early and to the game early, and that all worked real well. ...but then the last few night's lack of sleep caught up with me and I ended up crashing like a big dog for several hours. ...but I did eventually wake up and made a store run for dinner stuff, bladed, grilled burgers for the gang, but then passed out in the chair again.

I'm thinking a good night's sleep is in order!


Well, today's game is at 0830! ...but that should let us make third service at church. ...and then maybe we can play catch-up with all the cleaning we're behind on. ...and I can work on the one machine I haven't had the time to get to for a few weeks.

"Day of rest"? Man...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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