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Hey, Brad's team won Sunday's game! Yeah! ...and this week is the last weekend for AAU Basketball for a while (also, yeah; we're all pretty much beat from the non-stop schedule). ..but the win was a good one; the guys played with intensity and poise and flat beat the other team. That's something they've needed...

...and the kittens are working out quite nicely. They're still sleeping in the boys' rooms, but we'll probably relax that in another week or two once Mischief, the older female, calms down about their presence. In the meantime Mocha is just a bundle of energy and Zoe is as laid back as they come (pics later in the week).

Have a good Monday!


Sheila says the Mother Nature has bipolar disorder, and I'm sure not going to disagree after this weekend and the transition into Monday: when I bladed on Saturday we were just brushing 90F, and Sunday we had more of the same. ...and the kids said the pool was up to like 86F with the solar running the last week or so. ...and the weather reports mentioned maybe a twenty percent chance of rain Sunday night or Monday morning. Right...

Oh, so very right! Not: we were awakened around 0100 to heavy winds and heavy rain. ...and it kept up all night and into the morning. I doubt we reached much into the seventies yesterday. ...and I had to make sure Brad and Daniel dressed warm enough for school; heck, they were wearing shorts on Friday!

I can't wait to see what the rest of the week will bring!


Man, I just love the latest 'phishing' scheme: Monday I got an email on my public account saying my old ISP service was going to be cut off unless I went to their site and 'confirmed' my account details. Okay, that's bad enough, but he didn't even bother to send it to just me: he sent it to one of the hotlists that circulates with that ISP's alphabetical listings. ...and he hit just the ending "B's". Yeah, fifteen names in the 'send to' line...

...and as if that wasn't enough, his 'from' wasn't even close to a legit looking address for the ISP. ...and his link pointed directly to a site he'd just set up Sunday! ...and the Whois listing showed he tried to obfuscate his email address, but it didn't work (although both names were likely phony). Oh, and they had the link already shut down by the time I checked it...

I just love lamers <g>!


100F by the weekend? Man, I sure hope not; but if another front doesn't blow through here first, that's what they're saying. ...and the JC gym we'll be in for the Last Baskeball Games Of The Season (yeah!) isn't air conditioned...

Hoo boy...


Dinner last night was a special one: Daniel, Shelley and I, and one of his teachers (acting as a sponsor) attended a sit down dinner for ninety-three of the 1200 or so students in his class. The occasion was the "Principal's Medallion" award ceremony for those students who have maintained a 3.9 (on the 4.0 scale) for both years of their junior high experience...

Yeah, "proud" doesn't cover it...


...and it's the last weekend of the season for basketball for Brad (and Shelley and Dan <g>!). Last night's game was a loss, but the team found out they could play despite the loss of their breakaway point guard (flu). Some of them had to step up (Brad among them) and found out they could handle business; they just had to reorganize a bit...

...and today's games are at 0900 and 1200 with tomorrow's at 0800. Oh, yeah, will we be glad when this is a done deal. ...but I admit to being curious how today's games are going to turn out; I have a feeling they are going to dish out some serious hurt today on at least one of these teams.

Have a good weekend!


From Saturday's game...

Driving the court...

Done deal. Whew...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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