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Yep, basket ball is finally over (well, except for maybe a camp or two this summer); but we'll deal with that when the time comes. Right now, it's going to be good to not have to attend four events each weekend. ...and likely doubly nice to have a three day weekend coming up. ...and everyone, maybe Brad the most, is glad we've made it through to the end.

In celebration, after Sunday's game we went to see Star Wars III. Yeah, go see it <g>; and I'll stand by my review over on Book Fetish: read the book if you want to be able to just relax and enjoy the show without having to dig through the storyline.

...and then we napped and later 1`went out to dinner. All in all a good way to wind up the weekend!

Have a good week, everyone!


Man, one of the downsides of running a site with hand coding is if I make a mistake on something like the 'previous' link on the bottom of an archive page, people paging through the blog might find themselves suddenly in January from a May link. Oops!

That one I caught myself last night, but the one earlier in the day was a doozy: I'd hosed the archive links for an entire page. Yeah. ...and it wouldn't have been so bad, but one of the links on that page was linked by the local newspaper's blog yesterday. Yep, that one got fixed in a hurry <g>!

...and I'd better remember to say 'thank you' to readers like Lore, who pointed out another mis-match the other week. ...and who was kind enough to follow up with an email from my 404 page after digging into things a bit (heck, she even sent me the corrected link!).

Sheesh. ...but no, I'm not moving to a CMS anytime soon!


Home ill today. ...both Brad and me. Yeah, but at least I didn't seem to have his fever.


Better... At least enough to go back to work today. With the three day weekend coming up there are things that simply need to be done first. ...and so far; so good.

... but I think it'll be an early night to bed for me.


The weekend! ...and a three day one at that. ...and no basketball tonight, tomorrow or Sunday. Whatever shall we do? Sleep? Do nothing? Plan a weekend?

Sleep wins for the moment <g>...


Let's see... First the mandatory "to do" list? Maybe... A nap? Most definitely! Projects? Yep, quite a list there too...

...but first and foremost: there's about seventeen pounds of tri-tip and forty pounds of lump mesquite charcoal that are ready to get together with the beast and take care of meals for a few days.

Add in some sausage for brunch and I think that's a good start!


Sausage for brunch? Someone asked how that works with 'the beast"... Well, as the box is coming up to temp, I preheat a cast iron skillet above the firebox.

Yep, welder's gloves when working with this baby!

...and while I'm prepping the tri-tip and cleaning up after putting the roasts in the cooking chamber I'm cooking the sausage.

Already flipped...

...and somewhere along the line Daniel and Brad and I (and yes, sometimes Shelley) sit down with a loaf of sourdough bread and the sausage and relax from whatever it is we've been doing that morning.

Real food!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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