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Well, the heat is truly kicking our tails out here, but it seems to be that way across much of the US. ...and being out in it for any length of time is pretty much all it takes to sap any energy I may have built up during the rest periods in my life (yeah, just when and what are those, -eh>?).

...but the pool gig is working and that's a nice change of pace. ...and there's maybe a weather system coming this weekend that will drop us down below 100 for a day or two. In the meantime, I'll just stay a little bit behind on writing over here...

Life in the blog lane...


We spent some of yesterday and much of today dealing with a sick cat; Soda, the eleven year old male is looking like he has "kitty asthma". He went to one vet and came home pending blood test results, and then went back today for nebulized meds. ...and then Shelley dropped by and decided the environment was way too warm for him (or her) and moved him to our usual vet for continuing care. The report this evening was that he was doing well. I suspect he'll be "in-house" for another day or two while they try to figure out what triggered him off.

Other than that? Well, it's still hot!


Shelley and I will be out of town for a few days; it's our fifteen anniversary and we're going to just go away and chill. Grandpa and Grandma have the boys; Sheila has the blog. That should take care of things until sometime Friday evening...

I'll catch you later!


No post. No computer. No kids. No work.


Well, we made it back! ...and yes, the decision had to be made: did we want to ride a jet ski before we came back or just be sensible?. I'll let you know what happened tomorrow <g>...

In the meantime:

Moonlight cruise..



Yep, we actually got away for a couple of days! I left work shortly after noon and Shelley and I turned northward soon after Grandpa and Grandma arrived to take over kid duty. We didn't have all that far to go mileage-wise; but it took us probably four times the trip time to shift gears out of 'parent mode' and just relax! Then again, the accommodations helped...

We were only about an hour out of town and only at about 3500 feet in the hills; and that wasn't enough to kill the heat: the daytime temps were in the high nineties which pretty much precluded much afternoon outdoor activity. ...but we got to stay up late at night (that moonlight cruise didn't dock until nearly 2300) and there was no rush to get moving in the morning (the price for a 'delivered' breakfast was essentially the same as from the grill so we ate on the deck. So we just didn't push it at all!

...and not pushing it included making the decision Friday morning to call for a late checkout and rent a jet ski to tour the lake in the daylight to look at some of the places we'd been by the night before in the darkness. ...and yep, it was fun <g>!

Hmmm... Maybe some more pictures?


The dragonflies? Well, things started out simply enough: while Brad and I were on a photo shoot Saturday we ran across one hanging out in a pine tree; that one became "Grey lady"... On the way back we stopped to see about a shot or two for a "Monday's rose" and found the whitish one hanging out.

After I'd put up the first one I noticed one of the white shots wasn't too shabby, but I didn't do anything with it. ...until Brad wandered in today and said he'd found a blue one. Sheesh. Yeah, I followed him back out and we spent some time searching for it on a neighbor's lawn. ...and at that point it seemed a triad was called for.

Some day I'll get a life <g>...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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