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Well, there was another post going up, but it's been sidetracked tonight by the logistics of getting the oldest to camp next week. Nope, we hadn't planned on it, but winds shift and this one is causing us to tack a bit. Lessee'... Money, money, transportation, coordination, the family vacation, money, the mom whose kids have never been gone without a parent (and even then for only three days and two nights), the kid whose never been gone more than overnight without a parent, the mom, the rescheduling of an appointment or two... Yeah, the next several days could be interesting!

That kinda' makes me glad I'd gone blading tonight! Yep, despite the heat and such, I headed out: there are several thousand acres going up in the county to the north and I'm betting air quality is going to take a hit here for the next day or so. ...unless the winds come up, then it'll be for longer. I'll check the pictures from the Xt I took on the way out of town last week, but I'm pretty sure I can give you a view of what kind of wildland is on fire and the terrain it's burning in...

Off to bed...


Tonight's relaxing post is brought to you by:

  • One very hot day and one decently cool pool
  • A very new Carly Simon CD of some very old big band songs (yes, really!)
  • Some very old Springsteen and some very new Modelo Especial
  • One very busy day and the intense need to be "not busy"
  • The TV inside and me outside in the 'outdoor room'
It's Summer; sometimes you shouldn't be "on"...


If it stays this hot and I keep working outside during the days? Well, thank goodness for the pool...

Hmmm... It seems to me I promised Ms. Jenn I give the occasional explanation of how a photo or two came to be. That sounds like a nice cool inside project for a hot Summer night inside with a fan blowing... If you have a question on one, just drop me a line

Ah, the weekend is in sight!


Serious winding down... I think I've already started... Tonight was spent doing ... well ... I don't think much of anything. I also think I'm in need of a Friday... Oh, look! It's already Friday!

I think I'd better get some sleep so I can enjoy it!

(Yeah, too much thinking...)


...made it! Thank goodness. Not much to say this late other than, "Have a good weekend!"

Manana, gang...


It's been a busy day. ...and my time here tonight was spent on the blog. I guess I'll have to tell you about today tomorrow. ...only by then (okay, now), it'll be yesterday. Sheesh.

...but first we have to run the oldest up to camp.


The afternoon was spent running Daniel 100 miles up to a camp in the forest. ...and the evening driving back home... Yeah, like that...

Pics at some point...

The Conjuror
Click image for larger version

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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