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Oh, heck, yes, I'll update you on our Fair entries! As noted later that week, the Cayucos pier shot did receive an honorable mention and the other three that I weren't able to follow were accepted. That was all that happened on my end, other than seeing that most of the shots chosen as prize winners were in a larger format and that my stuff was in the same league as some of the better entries. Hey, I'll take one HM out of 1200 entries!

...and Mr. Brad? He scored across the board! His rose shot that we debated so much on here at home received a "First Place" (translation: "outstanding") and his other three received "Second Place"s (translation: "almost outstanding"). Yeah! Yep, he was pumped <g>...

Fair pics later in the week? With any luck...


Ah, a photographer's quandary: hand held in low light and you get some motion unless you use flash (and we don't want to blind performers, do we?), or you think you're golden because you remembered to lug your tripod on that mile hike to the school. ...only to find out that doesn't mean squat when you're shooting Taiko and the big drums kick in...

I'm thinking silicon damped tripod feet for next year <g>!


Things may be a little short on this side of the street for the balance of the week; I'm working on some posts for a couple of other sites that I need to spend some time on. They're all collaborative efforts and I need to collaborate a bit <g>. Yep, I'll let you know when they're updated/launched...

Happy Hump Day! Oh, and Happy Real Columbus Day!


Short and sweet: 90F here tomorrow; rain scheduled on Sunday.



As a general rule I don't do much "processing" with the photos on the photoblog; about all I care to do is to add a touch (or ten) of 'unsharp mask' and adjust the brightness level as needed for viewing. ...and I wasn't really going to post any shots from the local Fair because ...well... it's a local Fair and well ... yeah.

...only as I was watching the Clemson/NC State game last night on the tube they panned around to a shot of one heck of a huge ol' Ferris Wheel in the next lot over and mentioned their State Fair was opening today. ...and I thought about icons such as football and fairs and other Fall doin's. ...and ended up pulling up some shots and playing with them a bit.



Hmmm... Kids getting older may be a good thing? Who knew? Last evening Brad ended up at a friend's birthday party and Daniel went to his high school's game. ...which meant Shelley and I got to go out to dinner!!! ...and sit in the bar and watch the game and have a drink while we waited for a table (like an hour, but worth it)! Folks, we're talking fifteen years or so!

...and since the boys both came home a bit late and tired and slept in a bit, we got to sleep in a bit! Bonus!. ...and since today is the original Winnie the Pooh's "Blustery Day" here, and since USC-Notre Dame is on in about an hour, I think a store run for some serious football food (chorizo and eggs?) is in order.

Later, folks, much later...


No rain... Yep, first they moved the forecast back toward Monday and Tuesday, then they moved it up to Saturday evening . ...but it turns out the "blustery day" yesterday morning was all there was to be of anything resembling rain or even clouds!

...but the kicking back plan worked most of the day: I caught the Wisconsin-Michigan game with it's high drama finish and then USC-Notre Dame with it's cardiac maker ending. ...and since the weather had calmed some by the time six or so hours of football were over, I decided blading might be a good idea after all.

...and today? Well, it's been more of a cleaning day than a work day, but it's been a bit of a productive one: I managed to clean out a couple of areas in preparation for doing some work I'm behind on. No, I didn't finish, but one good evening or one more weekend and I should be in good shape.

Here's hoping you had a good weekend!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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