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Well, I didn't get as far along as I hoped, but I got enough work done on the hutch to be pretty much functional for the next few days (although I'd best find the card reader before I have to dump the A-2!). The Linux box is back up under Fedora Core 4 (so far, so good. Nope, I haven't tried recovering the other HDD as yet); and both the Win2k boxes are settled in for a while. I also have the other Shuttle lined out with a place to live; it will probably become the core Windows box under Win2k, and I'll convert the Win2k box to Xp so I'll have a chance to learn a bit there.

No, I'm not succumbing the the Redmond exploit, but since I keep running across problems with Xp boxes I flgure I need to learn a bit more about what is going on with that OS. ...especially since I may end up with it on the box at work (nope, I'm still hoping to have a functioning Linux box going there; but first there's a not-so-small matter of making darned sure I'm up and running on Win2k). ...and the work changeover is progressing nicely, considering I'm handling it in my spare time; IT exorcised the daemon from the purchasing program and that has put both Janeen and me back where we should be for operating speed.

There's more to do here; there's one box of "yep, keep it close" (things like the Cat 5 segment stuff) and another of "when I get to it". ...and more to clean up and move about so I can actually get to things. ...but it's more than a start.

Back to the work week...


No post. ...a bit under the weather.


Home today, way under the weather ("which bus hit me" style). Daniel was home too, sore throat. Brad was home too, a cold.

Please say a prayer for Shelley's sanity <g>!


Okay, I made it in to work. ...and then instead of taking it easy I blew out on a couple of major shopping trips. Not so bright. ...but hey, I won't have to hit Costco on Thanksgiving week (with any luck).

Just give me Friday!


Friday. Yeah. Finally. The entire household is ready to rest. Sure, Shelley has a list a mile long of things she wants done, but that's her nature. The three males of the household are of a different nature. ...but we'll help <g>.

Ol' Porky? He's the neighbor's guinea pig. He gets to 'escape' his cage on the weekends and roam a bit. It's a bit disconcerting to be walking to the mailbox and hear rustling in the leaves of garden. ...a bit like a John Carpenter movie sometimes. He's cool though; I think he's only wiped out one 'possum and half a pack of dogs. (Not...)

Sleep beckons...


After a somewhat sleep-deprived night, I still managed to get the day untracked a bit and get some cleanup done. ...and watch the home team keep USC honest for 58 minutes of football. Yeah, I think they can come home with their heads held high; that was a decent game...

Dinner was decent too (nice segue, -eh?): Brad wasn't hungry after eating ten tons of pizza at a party so I scrubbed the chorizo and eggs burritos I'd planned for pre-game food and went for something more Mediterranean. I had some sweet Italian sausage that needed to be cooked; I browned that and then chopped it up and cooked it while I 'modified' a half bottle of Ragu I found in the refrigerator (hmmm... No tomato sauce or paste here; I'm thinking I need a little stash of stuff for when I get the cooking bug).

...and after the sauce was nicely re-mixed I tossed the meat in to simmer with it while the linguini cooked. Pasta with a sausage sauce topped with some grated parmesan? Yeah, that worked well for the three of us who were hungry.

Maybe I'll do the burritos mañana...


A day of rest and a day of getting things done. After staying up a bit later than I wanted to reading I slept in today. ...until noon. Yeah. ...creaky and stiff but remarkably relaxed and clear headed for a change. Brad and I took a walk once the coffee was ready and then I worked on a project while Brad tore apart an old network hub to see what was inside.

I did manage the original dinner I'd planned for last night. I need to adjust the proportions a bit so I can comfortably feed the entire gang, but I think I have the basic recipe dialed. I'm also going to have to work on the sauce just a bit for last night's dinner since Shelley decided the meal was a winner for her (I figured the guys would like it.

I'll catch you next week!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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