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Yep, that's a "for real" miniature daffodil blooming a few houses down. I'm not sure if they are some special variety that blooms in late Autumn or if that patch is just flat confused by the weather. Sure, it's been cold at night, dropping into the mid-thirties; but the days have been in the mid-seventies. So yeah, it's California...

...and it's a short week for Janeen and me; our department opted for working Columbus Day and to be able to take "Black Friday" off. That works well for me: each year Shelley likes to get out of the house by 0700 or so and go shopping. We usually don't see her until 2000 (give or take an hour). The day also works out well for the boys and me; that's the day we try to set up the Christmas decorations outside. ...and from what I can tell, we won't have to worry about rain or fog this year. Actually, it's looking like shirtsleeve weather...

Maybe we'll get done early and without freezing our tails off...


...busy geekin' out with a programmer type working on debugging a set of scripts. Details as it shakes out.

Man, I love this stuff!


People who don't realize how much prep there is to a Thanksgiving get together just need to spend an evening here...

...and we're going there!


Short post. Nice day. Good people. Good weather...

Outside Christmas set up in the morning...


Well, a front blew in from somewhere they hadn't expected and we had rain on and off all day. ...and temps below the seventies for the first time in a week or so. ...and some wind.

...but with very significant help in both design and implementation (meaning they did most of it) the boys (and I) got the lights and deocorations up and working. Yeah, there's a problem with one X-10 module, but I may have a replacement in stock for that (and I'm not going up and down the attic ladder even one more time today <g>). We did dispense with lighting up the redwoods this year; I just take too hard a hit physically after spending a few hours 'fishing' lights on the end of an eighteen foot pole!

Daniel came up with a nice redesign of the main yard, basing it around a new piece of 'yard art' Shelley liked (Snoopy on his doghouse). I think the overall layout looks very nice and very 'Christmasy'. We may still put up another light string or two, but we'll wait until there's a break in the weather to evaluate things further. ...and yes, pizza was their reward, Ann!

Off to bed in a bit...


No post

(You didn't want to hear the whining about the aches and pains anyway <g>!)


It's been a long four days! ...and when I look back at it, we got quite a bit done around the house and visiting and eating and decorating and and and... Lesson to be learned though: Shelley and I need to pace ourselves a little bit better. She's a Type A (plus, plus?) and has one heck of a time with pacing; I'm a 'reformed Type A', but slip up from time to time. All in all though, even if we had another day off to recover, we'd still try to pack things into it <g>...

...and let the Christmas insanity begin!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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