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Prepping for the Christmas season... How are you doing? I'm just having a time of it trying to get into the swing of things. Normally December 1st or so I can get it in gear and run with things, but this year there are a few too many things going on and it's hard for me to shift gears and get with the program.

Yeah, the lights are up and all that, but the little Winter scene I usually have above Shelley's China cabinet is still in boxes. ...and my shopping just doesn't exist yet (sure, there's Men's Shopping Day; but I'd like to move it up at least a little, say the 23rd).

I'm guessing once the kids are out of school I'll be able to slow down a bit. Maybe. Kinda'.

...or not <g>!


Maybe tomorrow...


'Tis the season... Yep, the usual insanity at work has been multiplied lately and the shopping experience is already on the annual downward spiral. Imagine if you will a flatbed full of office essentials (copy paper and toilet paper) and trying to maneuver one of those puppies through the Happy Holidazed Crowd at your local Costco. Oh, yeah.

The shipping industry has hit its slowdown too; coast to coast is a nightmare for routine goods and even intrastate is having its moments. I'd say to get your orders in early if you can; the last minute stuff this year may be a bit tight...

Thank goodness the stores will be open late on the 24th!


The weekend... Please!


Made it! Yeah... Yep,.it's been a long week here, but the weekend has some promise...

...for doing not a whole lot!


In news from the "kids growing older" department, we sent the oldest off on his first High School Field Trip this morning. the fog. ...on a bus. ...without either parent. He returned in fine shape, having filled out his extra credit report while he was there, not overspending his stipend and managing to nap much of the way over and on the trip back.

Yes, Lisa, Shelley was a nervous wreck due to the fog. Heck, I got up to take him to the drop off point so she wouldn't stop half way there and just bring him back home. Granted, that was easier as she's been beaten up a bit by a cold, but still...

...and Brad and I took the opportunity to head on out and about in the early morning after dropping Daniel off to take pictures of the fog rising from the wet areas, get some coffee, cemetery blog a bit, have breakfast, and then take some shots at the local xeriscape botanical garden as the sun burnt through the fog.

Yes, you'll be seeing those shots over on the blog...


Status, Mr. Sulu?
It looks like we're still holding air, Captain, whatever hit us didn't hole the ship.
Some sort of 'cold war' weapon, Captain. It didn't show on the long range sensors; the close in defenses got a partial look at it, but by that time is was through the shields.
Scotty! Scotty, can you hear me? What's our status down there?
We're here, Captain, we're here... I got nothing to tell you just yet; the main engines are off line, systems are down throughout the ship. I'm purging the excess pressure through the intake ports, but I don't know when we'll be back up to full power. You do have impulse engines, but I'd take it easy with them; we don't know where all the weak spots are yet.
We have some power available, Captain, but the weapons controls are sporadic and the main computer isn't responding to any input. We have managed to handle the trash scavanger details with the two auxiliary units so we won't be overloaded there for a week or so.
Bones, have you been listening to this?
Jim, I'm just a country doctor; we can either scour the ship with the Zirton gas treatment for seven days or just let this thing diffuse until it isn't effecting the ship. That'll take about a week.
Damn! Bad dialog for an entire week as we're trapped here?!?
Aye, Captain...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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