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Well, it's not a short week, but it may be an interesting one as we try to make sure nothing has been forgotten going into the holidays. ...and that applies to both work and home.

On the home front, Shelley is feeling close to 100% and I'm probably running along at something above 60% or so. She's figuring a full day of work around the house and I'm thinking maybe I'd better put off the case-lot runs until later in the week (only... well ... it's going to be hell in the warehouse stores late in the week. ...and if the rains continue or come back I'd better get things done when it's clear).

...and the boys? They're off from school until next year sometime. ...and under direction to get all of their homework finished before Christmas; we're looking to just roll back into the school session without a homework crisis the evening before (yeah, you can laugh anytime).

Hey, maybe a linkfest tomorrow, okay?


I lost a day somewhere along the way. I think it had something to do with the Christmas rush, getting sidetracked on a project at work, and then having a administrative staff luncheon today. ...and then coming home to yet another Christmas thing (a fun one).

More tomorrow if I remember it's mid-week...


A Christmas bonus (of sorts)... Shelley and I are having to communicate by cell phone this season as the sonar and radar operated by the Terrible Twosome at the house is all to effective. On the way home this evening we were talking and I learned Brad was at a friend's so I figured we could maybe get some extended things accomplished. ...but by the time I got home, Brad's visit had become an overnight (with us needing to haul some of his clothes over that way for use in the morning). ...and Daniel had a friend ask him to stay over. Oh, my! What to do? What to do?

Dinner out, that's what. ...and sans children. Woot! Adult conversation. ...and listening to the goings on at the tables around us (funny how they're so darned cute doing all that stuff when they're not yours <g>).

More, please...


Yes, dear sister Ann (note: not a nun, hence the lower case for "sister". ...although, do the Amish have nuns? Maybe lower case could work; I'll ask her kids Saturday evening.), I do repeat the occasional post but not to irritate you; that's just a bonus <g>!

With that out of the way we can move onward to the anticipation of the last of the Christmas packages arriving tomorrow. ...and anything unexpected if you have an Amazon WishList and anyone has used it under the SuperSaver shipping. I've dubbed the twenty-third this year "Little Christmas" as that is when Amazon has targeted packages to arrive via the shippers and shipping combinations they've contracted with (the most interesting of which to me is items being shipped by Airborne to local post offices for 'last mile' delivery).

...and other than that, I'm just looking forward to getting off work tomorrow and being able to spend some time shifting gears from work mode and into Christmas mode. I've really been unable to get into the swing this year; I'm betting that having Christmas Eve off with things not so much of a rush will take care of that.

I'll check in with you later...


Done! Am I ready for Christmas? Heck, no! Will I be? Well, except for one item that hasn't made it in as yet (Saturday? I sent it to the work address...) I think I may be in decent shape.

More when I have a moment, but I think it's time to wrap presents since people are finally in bed around here <g>...

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!


Musings on a Saturday: the number of men in the grocery stores with lists in one hand and cell phones in the other <g>. ...especially the one guy saying, "I can't right now; I'm at the store and don't have access to a PC". Must be an 'old technology' type...

...listening to a commercial on the overhead explaining how since so many cold medicines are now behind the counter due to Federal law, and how old "Plop, Plop; Fizz, Fizz" is so easy to buy since it's still on the shelves out front. Man, marketeering is getting very shark-like!

Happy Christmas Eve!


Kids in bed, yet far from sleep.
Mom in bed, so fast asleep.
Kittens playing, with gifts wrapped so
waiting for morn, their pleasure'd bestow.

Yet forget we not, this day's true measure
to celebrate life and to remember
the birth of Christ, our saviour still
and peace on earth, our wish fulfill...


Merry Christmas, everyone!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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