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What's happenin' out here weather wise? Well, the 86 from Sunday held to an 84 today with the rest of the week lookin' to be down another degree or two by the weekend. ...but I see Sheila had to find some boots 'cause they were ankle deep in snow and looking at maybe six inches by game time down in Dallas.

My, my, I did think those poor boys in Detroit seemed to be bundlin' up like they was deep winter cold last night. ...but it looks like that pattern moved right across the lake. ...and we have warm air and lousy air quality.

I think I'll sleep it off...


"Should I ask about the couple hundred air-soft BBs in the jar in our bathroom? ...and the two soda straws sticking out of it?" (not thinking Shelley was into display art...).
"No need; Brad was walking down the hall this morning stuffing them into his pockets..."
"Oh. No way..."

"Oh yeah, he even seemed puzzled when I told him to give me the other straw."

Click for the posted photo...

Ya' know? Mom's a third grade teacher; come on!


Homework, book reviews, emails...

...oh, to play catch-up!


No post...


From the peanut gallery? My mom weighs in on Tuesday's story and comments on the photo:

I believe your children should be properly informed about shooting; accuracy is almost always achieved when straight straws are used—not the rippled sort. Any old pea shooter knows this fact; please consider this helpful advice from their Grandma. If needed, I'm available for much more practical parental advice.

Umm... You're doing just fine, Mom...


I was up early this morning even though I've declared this a non-working weekend, that being the effect of getting to bed to early and waking up a bit too early. ...but when you're up at first light, you do have time to travel to where the false dawn ends and the true begins.

That was up at Academy Cemetery; from their Brad ands I ended up down at a local ponding basin as the geese flew in. We got plenty of goose shots and a less ion in 'pecking order' while we watched them, but we didn't get many shots of the egrets like the one I shot Friday.

We'll be back...


This is supposed to be another day off, no major projects except maybe get some bulbs I pulled last summer into pots and then try to get a photoprose story or two written up. Oh, and I have two Halloween shots to put up. ...and I'm in a quandary on them!

I'll have to think this one through...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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